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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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A Look At The Most Effective Ways To Use E-Cigarettes

There are a great number of reasons to use e-cigarettes. They are a healthier smoking alternative, they are exempt from smoking bans, and they cost less than traditional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes have exploded in popularity recently due to the several benefits they have over traditional tobacco products. Thanks to a wide variety of those benefits, the smokeless cigarette is attracting many different kinds of smokers. Each type of smoker uses e-cigarettes for different reasons, and this guide is designed to explain how different smokeless cigarette products meet those needs.

Each of the main benefits of the smokeless cigarette over tobacco products draws a particular smoker. Some smokers have found out the e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to tobacco and are embracing these new products. Others are using the product since non-smoking bans do not apply to electronic models. Another group is embracing a new way to quit smoking for good by using e-cigarettes as a cessation tool. All of these reasons support the popularity of this new alternative, and each smoker can benefit from the use of these products.

Matching Purpose To Product

The top three selling points for this alternative smoking method are the ability to enjoy a smoke without violating non-smoking ordinances, using a healthy alternative to tobacco and its additives, and even utilizing the smokeless cigarette to help control cravings and gradually quit smoking. Amazingly enough, each need can be met by these new products. Since they only emit a slight water mist, e-cigarettes are not banned in many public places like traditional tobacco products. There are only four main ingredients in the nicotine solution, and none of them are toxins. Finally, the nicotine level in the solution is also clearly labeled, and multiple doses are available to help smokers control their nicotine intake and gradually work towards quitting altogether.

For a person who is looking to avoid breaking the law on non-smoking bans but still wants to enjoy a smoke, this new product is ideal. A smokeless cigarette gives off no secondhand smoke, offensive odors, and no toxins, so they have been exempted from the typical tobacco use ban. This smoker can enjoy a wide range of different products and flavorings to match their personal tastes. How else could a person smoke caramel or coffee flavored smokes?

Others are realizing that the surgeon general's warnings on the label are no joke and are looking for safer alternatives. E-cigarettes offer that alternative. They contain just four ingredients in their nicotine solution: water, dissolved nicotine, flavoring, and an alcohol FDA food additive to help vaporize the liquid. That's it; no ammonia, arsenic, tar, or any other number of toxins and carcinogens. To be absolutely safe, check to make sure the nicotine solution in the product of your choice does not contain diethylene glycol. This substance is not approved by the FDA as a food grade substance and may be harmful.

Finally, it is difficult to imagine a smoking product that can actually be used as a cessation device, but e-cigarettes can do just that. Each smokeless cigarette comes with cartridges containing nicotine liquid and is sold by nicotine content level. This allows a smoker to start off with their normal nicotine intake and then gradually work their way down to zero. For example, a person could go from high (16 mg), to medium (11 mg), low (6 mg), ultra low (4 mg) and finally zero (0mg).

Purchasing E-cigarettes

It is not that difficult to buy a pack of tobacco products; just head into nearly any store when the last pack runs out. E-cigarettes are a little different, so new users should take a moment to become familiar with how this alternative works. Essentially, each nicotine cartridge will last about as long as smoking a regular pack, and each set of cartridges comes with about five refills. Depending on each smoker's habits, one refill pack might last ten days or only five. It will not take long to track how long each cartridge lasts so that each smoker may buy the right amount for them. These refills do not spoil and can be bought in bulk. Another huge benefit is that they are typically half the price of tobacco products.

E-cigarettes Come In A Variety Of Options

There are a few different styles and designs for the smokeless cigarette to fit any person's preference. Models come in either two-piece units with refill cartridges or three-piece units where the user can refill their own unit from a bottle of nicotine solution. Different styles include the standard cigarette look, a 'pen' type, and electronic cigars.

OverallHealth Fitness Articles, this product is quickly becoming the best alternative to tobacco and for many good reasons.

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Chris Harmen is an author for Premium Electronic Cigarette, a company offering economic smoking alternatives in the form of e-cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes.

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