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Friday, December 4, 2020
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A Periodontist Cannot Do Everything

One of the most common issues in dental care, if not the most common of all, is the inflammation of the gums due to a lack of consistent preventative maintenance. Please read on for more information.

One of the most common issues in dental care, if not the most common of all, is the inflammation of the gums due to a lack of consistent preventative maintenance. While a dental expert can clean and treat your teeth professionally to prevent this from happening, it is up to the individual to do the bulk of the work on his or her own.

You may not have ever heard of a periodontist or been to see one, but that doesnít mean you donít need to. In fact, many individuals could benefit from seeing one and simply donít know it.

A periodontist is a dentistry professional that specializes in the supporting structures of human teeth and the various conditions and ailments that affect them. That includes the surrounding bone, inner structures of each tooth and the muscles and ligaments that hold them in place, but more than anything periodontists focus on the gums.

Periodontal diseases can come in varying forms, but as a group they are among the most common ailments that can affect human teeth. They are typically caused by a buildup of bacteria known as plaque on the surface of the tooth, which irritates the surrounding gums and can spread to the underlying bone. In severe cases, these diseases can lead to tooth and bone loss and preventing and treating them is often the focal point of a periodontistís work with a patient.

Because of the severity of the diseases, seeing and being treated by a periodontist alone will not eliminate the risk factors for any patient. Like with any aspect of dental care, practicing sufficient at-home care is as important as staying up to date on visits to oneís dentist.

Measures to be taken at home on a daily basis start with brushing sufficiently and correctly at least twice a day. A concerted effort should be made to brush along and under the gum line to attempt to remove any plaque building up there. Using a softer brush is also helpful to keep from compromising the enamel of teeth.

Flossing on a daily basis is equally important, as it is often the only way to gain access to the space between teeth and remove any buildup that might be present there. Taking the time to do so effectively and correctly is also important, as it can equate to the difference between helping the situation and irritating the gums further.

The use of an antiseptic mouthwash is also helpful when added to a regular routine of dental hygiene, as it can help kill some of the bacteria that can spark the onset of periodontal diseases.

Maintaining a regular schedule of dental checkups remains important as well, as they serve as a necessary compliment to daily at-home care. A dentist is most often able to address periodontal issues before they become problematic, but if they do become troublesome he or she can provide a reference to a periodontist that can help develop a course of action to combat the issue.

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