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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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American Sugar Intake Way Too High According To Recent Study

Learn the cold truth about American Sugar Intake and the consequences if you don't start controlling it. Find out the truth about American Sugar Intake and make your final decision.

Need that extra scoop of sugar in your coffee this morning? How about in your tea when you get home from work before you watch the evening news? The American Heart Association conducted a study this year that said that American's consume an average of 22 teaspoons of sugar per day. They think it's time for Americans to rethink these destructive habits as soon as possible.

Most of the junk food American's are eating comes from sugary sodas and candy. 22 Teaspoons of sugar is just like having 2 cans of soda and one chocolate bar each day. Society might lie and tell you that you are doing well because you don't consume street drugs or alcohol. But being addicted to sugar can be just as destructive if you constantly do it and use these toxins as a crutch.

To rationalize the 22 rule, ladies should not have a sugar intake anymore than 6 teaspoons of sugar each day which equals 100 calories. And men can have up to 9 teaspoons or 150 calories. In many cases sugars are hidden in many of the foods we eat that we don't even know about. Most foods have FDA labels that are required to divulge the sugar content in foods, so make sure you read these labels on any type of food you eat.

Also foods that contain natural sugars like fruit juices, rice, beans, vegetables and dairy items like milk, yogurt aren't counted. So if you eat a lot of these high carbohydrate foods your body is already getting plenty of sugar naturally the way you should be getting these.

In the past, the powers that be used to just say go ahead and eat what you want but do it in moderation. But there was no definitive dividing line as to exactly how much sugar intake one could and should consume safely. Some people now believe that specific advice needs to be circulated to the public that explains exactly how much sugar each of us should consume, and to set limits per day.

If you write down all the foods you eat in a day, and write down all the natural sugars you eat during the day by studying the product labels, over time you will get better at doing this and will become sharp at knowing when your body has had too much sugar.

The problem is we all live in a fast paced, competitive society. We have to be the best we can be and win at everything we do and this seems to be the american way. You need to pay your mortgage, have a successful career, have to be a good parent, have to make sure your other bills go out on time and the list goes on.

In doing this, millions of American's seem to think they need an artificial kick like sugar, caffeine or tea to give them that extra sugar intake required to carry them throughout the day. The problem is, many of these drinks can be very damaging to your body. These effects do not always show up right away. Sometimes you won't notice anything until you're 45 and during your routine doctors visit get diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.

Cutting back on sugar is not an easy proposition for most of us. It takes disciple and the ability to ignore all the over hyped commercials that promote these. But the real key to lowering your sugar intake is to focus on your own program. By this I mean the ability to ignore what people are doing around you and do what is best for your body.

Your body is a temple, and whether you are religious or not, you should treat it like one. Remember you only get one body, and if you destroy it early, you'll have to suffer the costs of this the rest of your life. Most people take this for granted. Maybe we shouldn't and it's something we need to think more about.

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