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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Autism Treatment – How long does a child need to do therapies and Autism? Part 2 of 2
Autism Treatment – Many parents wonder how long they will have to continue with a specific biomedical therapy. Most times, that answer is not a clear cut one.  Part 2 of 2. Biomedical autism intervention specialist physician, Dr. Kurt Woeller, explains.

We covered in part one of this two part series how some biomedical interventions can serve as a replacement for some medications and how very safe these interventions are. And while they are very safe to use, there is no set timeframe for these therapies. When safe, proven treatments are discussed, invariably we hear about the gluten and casein free diet. How is it that this diet could be around for this long? Well one reason that it has stood the test of time is because that it is quite effective for many, many people. It does not work for everyone but many individuals do have success while on this diet. What I see in my practice is that dietary modifications work for about 65% - 70% of the kids I see. And that correlates to what other physicians I know around the country see in their practices as well, just with implementing the diet alone.

Another important therapy to consider is supplement therapy which serves to fill in the nutritional gaps that a child may have. Many times children with Autism have very limited diets which can contribute to nutritional deficiencies so supplementation to fill in those gaps is a no-brainer. The deficiencies can be in the form of vitamins like B vitamins or others, or it may be with essential fats or it may be with zinc or other minerals. Whatever the deficiency, supplementation can help support the needs of the child.

You can find more information on supplements on the website that I created which can be found at There I have videos where I talk about various supplements that are very helpful for children with Autism. I also have supplements divided into categories which allows you to learn about the various supplements that can help with various issues that are common in Autism. When you search by category you can take an issue, let’s say sleep problems for example, and search for supplements that are helpful for that. Or you can look up supplements that are helpful for hyperactivity or even supplements that aid in constipation issues. There is so much useful information available on the internet, I have provided quite a bit of it myself. I also do monthly webinars through where I cover topics related to biomedical interventions for children with Autism. So if you take the time to learn and investigate and open your mindPsychology Articles, you can find many ways to help your child and their quality of life through biomedical treatments for Autism.

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Don't let ANYONE tell you there is nothing you can do to help your child. Autism really is treatable! Start your child down the road to recovery from autism. Biomedical Autism treatments and therapies have resulted in many, many children improving, or even even losing their autism-spectrum disorder diagnosis. For lots more free biomedical autism intervention information and videos from Dr. Woeller go to
Dr. Kurt Woeller is an biomedical autism Intervention specialist, with a private practice in Southern California for over 10 years. He has helped children recover from autism, ADD, ADHD, and other disorders, and has the information you need to help your child. Get the information you need at his free blog above, interact with him directly at his membership website at

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