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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Baby Teeth Development

Like the other body development the baby’s teeth development are also important parts of growth. Baby with good teeth and dental hygiene tend to avoid numerous dental related problems like abscesses, tooth and gum decay and diseases. Common reason for many babies is due to eating lots of chocolate and with no care regarding it.

Teeth development is a very complex process in which the teeth grow from group of cells together. To have healthy teeth development it becomes very necessary for enamel, dentin, cementum and periodontium to develop in the foetus during the fatal period of pregnancy. When the baby is of 5-6 months the first tooth starts to come. This period may vary a bit from baby to baby. These teeth are called the milk teeth. Care should be taken regarding these teeth, as they form the basics of the new and permanent teeth to come in the future.

                                                   Regular check ups are necessary to avoid dental problem sin babies. Baby teeth development can be a very easy task if some due care regarding certain things is kept in mind. Calcium is the basic source for the baby teeth development. It should be made sure that the baby is feed enough quantity of milk, which provides with lots of calcium. Other calcium rich foods should also be made a part of diet for the baby at the appropriate age. With good amount of intake of calcium, the intake of sugar should be avoided as far as possible, especially in form of chocolates. Instead of sweet containing food, healthy food should be made a part of meal. Fruits and juices should be included. Cold drinks available in markets with great tastes and flavor should be strictly avoided. Researches have shown that when a tooth kept in one such kind of drink for some hours, it completely dissolves in it. This proves that how harmful these drinks can prove to be and also the hindrance in the baby’s teeth development. Babies habituated to sucking their thumb or fingers should be asked to stop to do so. This habit is unhealthy for the teeth and may create dental problems in the later future. The use of dummies or the pacifiers should be avoided as far as possible.

                                                The baby’s mouth should be kept clean even before the first tooth comes. The gums should be kept clean and washed with warm wet cloth after every milk feed or food taken. This should be practiced without fail for baby teeth development. Once the teeth start coming they should too be cleaned regularly. A common misbelieve in many parents is that the baby’s teeth are not required to clean, but its not so. Even the temporary teeth should be maintained well. If not than gingivitis that is a kind of gum infection is bound to happen. A regular watch on cavities should be kept. The milk bottle should not be kept for longer time in the mouth. Soft toothbrushes can be used after meals if the baby turns 18months and start with the table foods. Bicarbonate soda can also be used for cleaning. A small amount of non-fluoride toothpaste should be used once the baby turns two years. Fluoride containing toothpastes should be used when the baby starts swallowing itHealth Fitness Articles, which will happen at the age of around three years. With these care one other important thing to be kept in mind is the regular and a scheduled dental exam. This becomes optional if the above-mentioned cares are taken care of.

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