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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Bacterial Vaginosis-Perfect Home remedies to cure the infection!

Bacterial Vaginosis, also termed as BV, is a common vaginal infection that is suffered by several women today. Most of the women suffer from BV and the common cause of this infection is wearing underwear made from synthetic material or using low quality pads or tampons during periods.

Bacterial Vaginosis, also termed as BV, is a common vaginal infection that is suffered by several women today. Most of the ladies are affected from BV and the usual cause of this irritation is using underwear made from man made material or using low quality pads or tampons during menstrual cycles. In order to get relief of this irritating skin infection easily and quickly, its good to follow some effective home remedies that are widely available. Often, after the infection starts, it gives out a foul smell and also you feel scratchy close to your vagina. A person suffering from this infection, would immediately think about going to a doctor. Still, a health care professional might prescribe your several prescription antibiotics plus creams that contains steroids that are definitely dangerous for your skin plus body. Thus, home remedies are better option so as to help you get rid of this problem quickly and easily. Home therapies are getting a lot of meaning since there are no side-effects plus are easily available as opposed to prescribed drugs. Here are a few successful home remedies that help you cure BV at home. 1- Firstly, if you definitely want to avoid this annoying infection, it is necessary to change the quality of underwear plus pads you use. Wear light cotton underwear and use pure cotton pads during periods. This will limit the spread of infection plus keep the area cool plus dry. 2- Use Yoghurt: Yoghurt is the ideal home remedy to cure BV within lesser time. You ought to consume yoghurt straight or put it in your vagina by dipping tampons in fresh yoghurt plus placing in your vagina straight away. However, you should use plain yoghurt and not fruity flavored or colored yoghurt. 3- Douching your vagina with boric acid as well as vinegar: Vaginal pH can be acidified by using effective numerous douches. Boric acid as well as vinegar are very good destroyers of damaging bacteria thereby assisting to restore only the good bacteria. 4- Tea tree oil: Benefits of tea tree oil are numerous and it also helps in curing BV. Tea tree oil consists anti-bacterial properties that enable to fight against the hazardous bacteria that lead to BV. You can either apply it directly or pour a few drops in water and wash your infected vagina while bathing. Mixing up tea tree oil with correct non-fragrant aqueous cream and using it on unhygienic area is even quite helpful. 5- Multivitamin supplement: Multi-vitamin pills act as anti-oxidants thereby helping to improve the mineral content in our body and healing vaginal infection like BV. Folic acid has even helped substantially to overcome BV totally. Mineral deficiency in your body can trigger this infection. Therefore, mineral tablets is often advisable which will be the best method to get rid of BV. Thus, it is always good to try some effective home remedies to cure this vaginal infection quickly and easily, moreoverHealth Fitness Articles, it also saves you from the embarrassment that you are likely to face in front of your physician while discussing this problem.

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