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Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Benefits of Cold Therapy for Speedy Recovery after Orthopedic Surgeries

Cold therapy is a healing remedy for orthopedic injuries. It involves application of cold temperature on injured sites to speed up the recovery process. A cold therapy unit is a machine that helps the...

Cold therapy is a healing remedy for orthopedic injuries. It involves application of cold temperature on injured sites to speed up the recovery process. A cold therapy unit is a machine that helps the transfer of cold temperatures on injuries. Ice packs and frozen pea bags are also used to deliver cold therapy but in less efficient manners.

Cold Therapy for Surgical Recovery

Cold therapy forms an important component of rehabilitation programs after orthopedic surgeries. It helps the muscles, tissues, joints, and ligaments heal faster by aiding the body’s natural healing process. Cold therapy impedes nerve impulses, which reduces blood supply to surgical wounds. The process helps to reduce inflammation, which minimizes the pain after surgeries.

When pain lessens, patients can focus properly on their physical therapy. They can also start with their physical therapy work sooner than expected due to better range of motions in the joints and reduced pain. Cold therapy can also heal tissues in the surgical sites faster when used along with any other treatment such as ointment application. Cold therapy not only reduces post-operative pain but also aids other processes in the rehabilitation program.

Cold therapy also eliminates the need for medicines by reducing pain significantly with only a few healing sessions. It reduces the dependency risk of pain relievers and prevents further health problems in the future.

The Right Way to Use Cold Therapy for Post-Surgical Recovery

You can use ice packs for cold therapy, but it is not the best way to speed up post-surgical recovery. To maximize the benefits of cold therapy, it is best to use ice machines that are designed for this purpose. A cold therapy unit or machine (ice machines) is a device that can deliver healing to surgical wounds in the most efficient manner.

When you use a cold therapy unit, you eliminate infection and burn risks on the treatment area. Unlike ice packs that can drip water onto your surgical wounds and cause infections; using a cold therapy unit poses no such hazard. The healing pad in the machine helps deliver cold therapy through a circulation system consisting of a tank, pump, and the connecting hose. The ridges in the pad ensure that there are no burn injury risks when applying cold therapy through machines. These pads are made with patented Iso-Tube technology to provide cold therapy for maximum healing in a short amount of time.

Brands like IsoComforter manufacturers cold therapy units that are portable and easy to use. You don’t need to keep replenishing ice in the tank often. You can also buy IsoComforter machines with multipurpose pads to heal different kinds of orthopedic surgeries. You can use IsoComforter cold therapy units after shoulder, knee, back, hip, and foot surgeries. You can also use these machines to heal muscle soreness that can result from intense workouts, sports training, excessive fatigue, and simple injuries.

When used properlyFind Article, cold therapy can speed surgical recovery in profound ways.

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IsoComforter, Inc. manufactures and delivers state-of-the-art cold therapy units nationwide for effective pain control after orthopedic injuries, knee replacement, shoulder pain, back surgery, rotator cuff surgery, and ACL knee surgery. To know more, visit IsoComforter/Why-Cold-Therapy-Machine.

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