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Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Best 5 Ways to Build the Muscle Mass

Muscle mass is the personification of true bodybuilding. The 3 main components of mass building are: high and proper weight lifting, balanced diet schedule and anaerobic program. Some of the best possible ways have been mentioned below to gain the body mass:

i.    Concentration on the Eccentric: - the growth of muscles occurs when the muscles get contracted during the process of weight lifting. While concentrating on the eccentric phase, the muscle length increases as the muscles are overloaded with the weight.

ii.    Take good proteins and include sodium in the diet: - proteins sources like red meat and fish are the good bank of omega 3 fatty acids. The main role of these acids is to sensitize the muscles to insulin absorption. Preservation of glutamine stores occurs when these amino acids enter into the muscles. Sodium is also very much important for a bodybuilder. Sodium contains most of the essential minerals which are necessary for the growth of the muscles. Sodium is also responsible for the absorption of acids and storage of carbohydrates. Besides thisHealth Fitness Articles, sodium is responsible for sensitizing the muscles so that they can respond to the insulin. Water retention shouldn’t be there.

iii.    Stress on intense and heavy lifting and forget aerobic exercises: - aerobic exercise can reduce the chances of muscle building because they lead to the burning of essential glycogen and chain amino acids and also reduce the strength gains. The main reason behind the growth of the muscles is to stress the muscles by doing the heavy lifting. Training intensely with the heavy weight can lead to the muscle-tear which will lead to the growth of muscle mass.

iv.    Rest and raise the calories intake: - proper nitrogen balance can’t be obtained on a low calorie diet. Nitrogen is the main ingredient to support the muscle recovery. Ample amount of rest should also be given to the body. Proper amount of rest can help the body to speed up the process of anabolism and helps in restoring the glycogen level. Excess calories have to be taken to keep going the process of anabolism and this can be achieved by taking a small supplement meal in middle of night.

v.     Use proper and effective Supplements: - If you are a fit person with no health problems you should try the recommended supplements present in the market. They are rich sources of creatine which will provide you the extra boost which is needed to gain more muscles.

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