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Friday, September 20, 2019
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Breast Implants - Get Informed Before You Go Under the Knife

Breast augmentation surgery offers women a safe and personalized way to achieve a fuller bosom. If you're planning to pursue breast augmentation, consider all aesthetic options and procedural variations of breast augmentation before deciding the options that are right for you.

Have you ever been unsatisfied with your breasts? Today, many women battle insecurities and issues with their body image. Anxiety caused by this can damage a personís confidence and self-respect, causing further hardships within their personal and social lives. Fortunately, modern medical procedures allow women with anxiety regarding their breasts a number of options for achieving self-satisfaction. If you have ever considered augmentation, a lift, or a reduction surgery, it is first wise to research your available options and the procedure itself in order to make the best decision for your well-being.

Augmentation surgery allows for women desiring a fuller bosom to increase their bust size. However, it can be an intimidating process. It is a good idea to look into what choices and options there are when deciding a route thatís best for you. Implants are available in two distinct varieties: saline and silicone. Silicone implants are filled with a gel designed to resemble the natural feel of breast tissue. These have a life expectancy of around 12 years. Saline implants are filled with saltwater and are heavier in comparison to silicone. This creates a firmer feel. Saline has a life expectancy of up to 20 years. Though most women seem to prefer silicone, make sure to weigh the differences between each variety to make your best personal decision.

There are variations in the surgical procedure regarding type of incision and pocket placement. There are three common varieties of incision: inframammary, periareolar, and transaxillary. An inframammary incision is the most widely preferred; the incision is made along the bottom cusp of the breasts in the infra-mammary fold. These incisions create a less visible, but thicker scar, and are recommended for silicone implants. A periareolar incision is made on the areolar border, which makes them small and hard to detect. However, as a result of cutting along the edge of the areola, this incision can cut nerves and milk ducts leading to the nipple, causing difficulty with breastfeeding. A transaxillary incision is made in the armpit, leaving no visible scars in the breast area. This process makes implant placement difficult and can create unwanted asymmetry. Augmentation is a complicated procedure, and it is important to consider the pros and cons of each type of incision as they relate to you.

Pocket placement is in relation to the pectoralis major muscle ó the thick, wide muscle that makes up the chest. This muscle lies directly under the breasts. There are four varieties of pocket placement: subglandular, subfascial, subpectoral, and submuscular. In subglandular pocket placement, the implant is placed between the breast tissue and the pectoralis muscle. This method usually achieves the most normal placement. Patients with thin soft-coverage in their breasts should consider the appearance of wrinkles of the underlying implant post-surgery. With subfascial pocket placement, the implant is placed under the fascia of the pectoralis, which is said to help sustain proper positioning of the implant. Subpectoral is the most common pocket placement; the implant is inserted only partially beneath the pectoralis in the upper half of the breasts, with the lower half of the implant in the subglandular plane. This allows for expansion of the breastsí lower pole. Submuscular placement involves placing the implant below the pectoralis, but does not release the muscleís inferior origin. This technique is primarily used in breast reduction.

It is clear that augmentation surgery offers a variety of personalized options that suit each patients individual requirements and concerns. If you are considering this procedure, be sure to choose a surgeon who can offer the type of implant, incisionBusiness Management Articles, and pocket placement that best suits you.

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