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Friday, February 15, 2019
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Causes of Body Joint Pain and Simple Tips to Ease Pain

Joint pain can be due to several causes and the treatment is dependant upon the cause of the pain. Joint pain is an ordinary complaint often connected with aging process. Unusual physical exertion ...

Joint pain can be due to several causes and the treatment is dependant upon the cause of the pain. Joint pain is an ordinary complaint often connected with aging process. Unusual physical exertion or overuse of joints can cause body joint pain. Other causes include injury, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Infectious diseases similar to influenza, measles, rheumatic fever, hepatitis and mumps, and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.




Impact and accidents of any sort leading to sprain, ligament or cartilage tear or fractures can cause body joint pain. The affected region and the close to joints can become painful, depending upon the harshness of the impact.




Gouty arthritis is caused by a defect in metabolism that outcome in overproduction of uric acid or a reduced ability of the kidneys to eliminate uric acid. In acute gouty arthritis the symptoms develop unexpectedly in one or two joints.


Osteoarthritis is a disease that causes worsening of the joint cartilage. It is connected with aging and is the most ordinary form of arthritis. The cartilage of the unnatural joint is roughened and worn down, which causes pain. Septic arthritis is irritation of a joint caused by bacteria. This appearance of arthritis can as well cause body joint pain.




Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon which is the fibrous structure that joins the muscle to the bone. Ordinary joints that get affected by tendonitis are wrist, elbow, shoulder and heel.




Bursitis is inflammation of fluid filled sacs known as Bursae. Bursae attach tendons to both the skin and bone. Bursitis commonly takes place in the shoulder, knee, elbow and hips.


Infectious diseases


Diseases similar to flu, mumps and others are contagious diseases can cause pain in the body joints, along with other symptoms.


Autoimmune diseases


Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that causes joint pain affecting the joints and surrounding tissues. It is a disease that assaults the body with its own immune cells. Lupus is one more chronic autoimmune disorder. It affects lots of organ systems including skin, joints and inner organs.


3 Simple Tips to Ease Pain


Joint pain relief is the single most significant thing to arthritis sufferers, that and a reasonable degree of mobility. Is there any easy approach to complete it? Yes, there are many simple and natural ways to get joint pain relief that do not engage mind-numbing drugs.


1. Exercise in water. A study in England establish that two 60-minute sessions a week spent doing simple and enjoyable exercises in a community pool resulted in a substantial improvement in a study group compared to one more group who had just spent the similar time being educated in how to most excellent relieve the joint pain themselves.


Being immersed in water removes much of the stress from our joints, and removes much of the pain as well. This outcome in greater mobility and flexibility with significantly lessened pain.


2. Devil's claw has been used in the treatment of joint pain relief with excellent effect in numerous cases. However, you should discuss with your medical doctor if you intend to try it. There is lots of who swear by its ability to easy painful joints and boost mobility, so maybe it is worth investigating more.


3. Glucosamine has been experienced in dual blind studies and found to be extraordinarily effective in relieving arthritis pain. There are some side effects in a number of cases, and different kinds of arthritis requirements different preparations of the substance. But additional study into this potent product may be rewarding, though once moreScience Articles, medical recommendation should be sought first.

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