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Friday, December 3, 2021
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Contraceptive methods that help you prevent pregnancy

You can use various contraception methods like contraceptive pills, contraceptive ring and contraceptive patch in order to prevent unplanned pregnancy. You can use any of the form very easily for almost 100% result. Read more to know about these contraception methods.

In today’s society, even young couples cannot deny the need of an effective contraceptive method. Condoms have been very popular amongst men for over a decade now, but with contraceptive accidents like condom tear or slip, the fear of pregnancy always grips the mind of a woman. Although condoms have proved to be quite safe and effective, couples now look for other ways of contraception which can prevent unplanned pregnancy. The popular contraceptive methods on which women mostly rely are contraceptive pills. These oral pills have to be taken daily and at the same time.

The birth control pills, also known as contraceptive pill, are composed of artificial female hormones which regulates your reproductive cycle in such a way that pregnancy does not occur. These oral pills are classified as combination pills and mini-pills. The primary active component of combination pills are both oestrogen and progestogen. The mini-pill, on the other hand, comprises only the progestogen hormone. It is meant for women who cannot tolerate the effects of oestrogen. This is the reason it is also known as the ‘progestogen only pill’.

Some of the popular combination pills are Yasmin, Microgynon and Dianette. The combination pills work in three ways to protect you against unexpected pregnancy. It makes your body believe that ovulation has already occurred so that no egg is released from the ovaries for fertilisation. After that, the synthetic hormones of the pill thicken the cervical mucus of the womb, due to which a sperm is unable to enter the womb and fertilize an egg. It also alters your womb lining so that a fertilized egg is not able to attach itself to the womb and grow. You need to take the oral contraceptive pills for 21 days of your menstrual cycle after which a break of seven days needs to be taken.

There is another type of effective contraception known as the contraceptive ring. NuvaRing is a very popular hormonal ring used by women. It is placed in the vagina and gradually releases artificial oestrogen and progestogen into the system for three weeks of your cycle. It provides almost 100% protection against pregnancy during the 28 days of menstrual cycle. Just like other pills, it prevents ovulation, prevents sperm from entering the womb and alters the womb lining so that an egg cannot attach and grow. This contraceptive ring is a relief for those women who do not want to take a pill on a daily basis.

A Contraceptive patch is a form of skin patch which releases synthetic hormones into your bloodstream through the skin.  It alters your reproductive environment to give almost 100% protection against pregnancy. Women are highly fond of this patch because of the ease and convenience it provides. Unlike the oral pills, you just have to apply this once a week. If you want to get immediate protection then apply it on the first day of your period. You can start using it till the fifth day of your periodArticle Search, but then you would have to use an extra protection for the next seven days.

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