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Sunday, July 21, 2019
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Cures For Ringworm That Are Natural And Safe

There are various cures for ringworm that can be found and/or applied inside your home. These are natural remedies that can help eliminate the fungal infection safely and effectively.

The fungal infection, ringworm, does not only occur on the skin; but also on the scalp and nails.  It can easily spread from one individual to another; even from a pet to another person.  It usually begins as an itchy, scaly, round and red spots on the skin. Ringworm can also possibly recur so treatment must again be performed.  Fortunately, there are several cures for ringworm that can be found and used at home.  Chamomile TeaDrink your tea up to three times in a day to help clear ringworm naturally.  You may also directly apply the tea on your affected skin using a cotton ball three times a day.  GarlicOf all the ingredients inside your kitchen, garlic is among the most versatile and most useful. Not only is this herb useful in flavoring meals and foods, it can also be used in a number of medicinal applications like curing skin infection like ringworm.  It has many beneficial properties like anti-fungal. People who regularly consume garlic were found through studies to have blood that possess antifungal activities.  For ringworm, you may take about six teaspoons of this herb's extract every day.  You may also blender raw garlic to create a paste that you can directly apply to the affected area three times per day.  GingerLike garlic, ginger is also useful not just in adding a distinct taste and aroma to foods; but can also give relief for certain ailments and conditions. You can prepare a homemade ginger tea by simmering two ounces fresh ginger in eight ounces water for about twenty minutes. Drink this tea or use it as a compress by soaking a cotton ball into the tea and applying on the skin for five minutes.  Repeat compress application for three times a day as well.  GoldensealThis is also another herb that has antifungal abilities. Simply add five drops of this herb's tincture to your drink. You may also gather some dried goldenseal; simmer six teaspoons of it in water to prepare a tea.  Afterward, use a cotton ball to apply this freshly made tea to the affected areas.  If ringworm appears on your toes and feet, you may dust them with powder made from goldenseal.  Goldenseal powder may also be added to myrrh powder and some water to make paste that you can apply to the infected skin. LemongrassThis aromatic herb can be prepared into a tea that you can also drink up to clear ringworm.  You can also apply the tea to the areas affected by the infected.  LicoriceThis herb actually possesses a minimum of 25 anti-fungal components. If you have powdered licorice, place about six teaspoons of it in boiling water and let it simmer for 20 minutes.  Afterward, strain any herbal residue and apply this tea on the infected skin three times during the day.  Tea Tree OilThis natural oil is considered among the best topical treatments for fungal infections.  It has both anti-fungal and antibacterial agents. Using a cotton ballComputer Technology Articles, apply the oil straight to your skin 2-3 times/day.  You may first dilute the oil in some water before dabbing onto sensitive skin. There are also soaps with tea tree oil that can be used to wash the skin.

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