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Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Dental Implants Offer Cutting Edge Replacements

For patients who are looking for cutting edge tooth replacements, dental implants may be the answer. Here are some things to think about.

Dental implants are the revolutionary method for replacing lost teeth. In the olden days, when a person lost a tooth, he or she would either do without or get a false bridge or set of dentures. While bridges and dentures are better than no oral structure at all, they aren't as permanent, strong or natural looking as the cutting edge implantation technique. Today's method entails attaching a titanium screw to the jawbone for a strong and permanent connection. This technique was discovered in Europe when a physician was experimenting with the chemical reaction between bones and titanium. When he discovered the amazingly strong bond between the two, dental implantation was born. Here are some things to think about regarding this innovative technology:

- More natural looking: In addition to the scientific chemical reaction going on between titanium and the human jawbone, each false tooth which is placed over the abutment is also extremely realistic looking. With computerized digital dental labs, an exact match can be made for patients' enamel color, tooth shape and fit.

- Won't impede speech: With yesteryear's dental replacements, there were often speech impediments and problems because of fit and adherence. A person doesn't just generate words, sounds and speech with vocal chords. Verbal language requires a combination of body parts including tongue, lips, teeth and cheeks. All of these oral structures work together to form words. If one is off kilter, it dominoes into the others, causing communication snafus and challenges.

- Can eat a wider variety of foods: With dentures or bridges, a patient must be careful of what he or she decides to eat. Very hard or leathery products can break the fragile components. Very sticky foods can pull the bridges and dentures right out of the mouth and onto the table. Now that's an embarrassing conversation stopper at the dinner table!

- Permanent results: The titanium bond is so strong that a person should be able to keep the dental implant intact for as long as a natural tooth. No lost bridges, soaking dentures or going in for frequent replacements.
- Most patients are able to achieve a successful result: The implantation technology has a high success rate among patients. If a patient doesn't have enough healthy jawbone; this can create a challenge but it can often be corrected by transplanting bone from another region.

- Less decay under apparatus: Dental replacements that sit upon the surface of the gums are likely to foster bacterial growth below them unless immaculate oral hygiene takes place. With the titanium screw to the jawbone method, there is less chance of developing decay.

- Surrounding structures supported: When a tooth is lost, it weakens the surrounding structures. Just like a picket fence, when one slat falls out, the others start to shift as well. With teethArticle Search, the same shifting occurs. A dental implant is like a replacement fence slat.

Dental implants are a revolutionary way to replace lost oral structures. Patients who are interested in this technique should see their dentist to discuss the possibilities for their smile.

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