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Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Dentist: Breaking Bad Habits

Many people can be the cause of their dental problems by taking their teeth for granted and not forming good oral health habits early. By following a few rules of hygiene and maintenance, you can save yourself unwanted trips to the dentist in the future.

Some dental complications can be avoided by preventing the development of bad oral habits. Simple routines can be easily developed for brushing before bed, and the avoidance of certain foods or drinks can greatly reduce staining and cavities. You can save money and the stress of going to the dentist by following a few easy rules of dental hygiene.

Brushing your teeth regularly is obviously the most basic way to maintain healthy teeth, but if you brush the wrong way it can have the opposite effect on your teeth. Using a toothbrush with hard bristles or pressing too hard while brushing can wear away the protective enamel on your teeth over time. Electric toothbrushes are cheap these days and easier to use because they do the work for you. Consider getting a toothbrush with a smaller head that can reach back molars more easily. Combine this with a toothpaste that does not feel gritty or harsh, and make sure it contains fluoride.

Food and drinks can easily stain and decay teeth, especially if you do not floss at least once a day to remove excess bacteria and food particles from between the teeth. Enamel acts like a sponge and soaks up any strong coloring like that of coffee, tea, and red wine. Using a straw while drinking sodas or tea will reduce the contact with your teeth, or you can use a whitening toothpaste as an alternative to getting them whitened at the dentist. However, these toothpastes will wear away the enamel with frequent usage.

Teeth can often seem like a handy tool to open a bag of chips or untie a knot, but be careful not to abuse them too much. This can lead to cracked or weakened teeth and damage existing dental work such as fillings or crowns. Chewing ice or eating hard candy often is also damaging for your teeth, wearing away the enamel and making them more susceptible to cracks or cavities. If a complication does occur, the longer you wait to see the dentist the worse it will be on your mouth. See a professional right away if you notice cracks or cavities forming, or redness of the gums.

The responsibility of keeping a healthy mouth is mostly dependent on you and your oral habits. Although it is important to see a dentist if a complication does ariseBusiness Management Articles, it is vital to prevent tooth decay and other issues in the first place by maintaining healthy habits. You will save yourself money and unneeded pain by following a few simple rules and staying on top of your own dental health.

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