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Monday, June 17, 2019
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Eating raw chili can delay human aging

Pepper, also known as die peperoli. Green peppers can be eaten as a vegetable, red pepper is many people’s favorite condiment. India called pepper as “red steak”; Mexican take chili as country food. 

In China, chili in many areas is very important, even some people did not like to eat without chili, so you can see how people love the chili.

Pepper rich in vitamins, eat peppers can increase appetite, enhance physical strength, improve sensation of chill, frostbite, vascular headache and other symptoms. Peppers contain a special substance which can used as pharmaceutical raw materials, so eat chili can accelerate metabolism, promote the secretion of hormones, health skin. Rich in vitamin C, can control heart disease and coronary artery disease, lower cholesterol. Contains more antioxidants can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. Can make the airway for the treatment of coughs and colds. The chili can kill suppressing stomach intra-abdominal parasites. The most important is that it can delay aging.

Always for the concerns of healthy, the Europeans do not eat chili. But in recent years, with the Asian food popular in Europe and the people in-depth study of the nutritional value of chili, chili become the table cuisine of Europeans again. The most attractive reasons for Europeans eat spicy is that it can delay human aging.

Eating raw chili is the most healthy ways, the tricks of Europeans eat chili is various, use chili to make sauces fin is the most common method, so no matter what the meals, the Europeans were putting on chili sauce on the table. At the same time, they also like to sprinkle red pepper in a variety of dishes or cooking add green pepper and red pepper to even drink the soup is burning. However, respect for nature, Europeans prefer to eat raw pepper, or take advantage of the fresh raw food, or add salad made side dishes. This practice has won the recognition of the European nutritionists, because raw food chili is beneficial to the body. Because of the vitamin C is unstable due to the peppers stored for too long or cooked ,eat raw food can be best to preserve its nutritional value. Cooking in the pot before adding pepper, so as to avoid the loss of nutrients.

In Europe, the chili is also known as the “red herbs”, the research about chili is endless. Capsaicin manufacturer recently discovered: chili prevention and treatment of breast cancer; capsaicin can induce prostate cancer cells "commit suicide"; pepper can relieve the symptoms of a cold; pepper can also prevent arteriosclerosis; help you to sleep, eat chili. In order to meet the fashion to eat hot peppers to lose weight, many beverage companies also compete with chili as the raw material to produce the new hotness drinks.

The scientists found that red pepper contains large amounts of antioxidants can prevent free radical damage to the skin, while the radicals is the major factors that lead to premature skin aging and skin cancer, which is comparable to large doses of supplements is much more powerful. But the experts also pointed out that the hot and spicy chili, should not eat too much, otherwise not only damage the taste nerveFeature Articles, but also affect the liver and kidney function.


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