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Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Erectile Dysfunction? Stop Smoking!

The issue of erectile dysfunction seems to be at the top of the list of concerns most men over 40 years old have. While there are various physical/disease issues that can cause sexual dysfunction, all too many men could find relief to their problem if they just quit smoking! However, erectile dysfunction, whether the result of smoking or not, is in many cases simply a precursor of much more serious issues.

Every day millions of men attempt to deal with erectile dysfunction by taking prescription medication that treats the symptoms, but not the underlying issue which could actually be the culprit.

Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction could be a sign that you are moving closer to a heart attack, and at the very least, setting yourself up for disease to take hold.

If you think you can continue down the smoking path and not end up with some type of heath issue - you are mistaken! Why is that? Well, if you are a smoker you may know that most responsible surgeons will not perform surgery on you because you are a smoker. When it is necessary to do surgery, almost invariably those that heal the slowest or have poor results are smokers. Why is this important and what does smoking have to do with erectile dysfunction?

Smoking causes the arteries to shrink making it more difficult to have proper blood flow to the cells of the body or the penis, in the case of erection issues. The other problem is that smoking depletes essential vitamins and minerals from the body. Many of these nutrients are essential for your cardiovascular health and longevity. If damage occurs to your arterial wall from a nutrient deficiency, (e.g., vitamin C or Silica) cholesterol is then going to form plaque (scar tissue) to protect the arteries. Along with this problem, deficiency in essential nutrients like silica, can cause a loss of elasticity in your arteries. It is a fact that heart attack patients have 14 times less silica then normal. Scary but true. Silica is essential for the elasticity and health of not only your arteries but your skin, tendons, and bones. Clearly, depleting nutrients has not only a devastating effect on your ability to function sexually but on your overall health in general.

So now, because of smoking, you have reduced blood flow from narrowed arteries, plaque buildup, and lack of arterial elasticity. Now, add one more problem: lack of oxygen! You know that, in general, going without oxygen for about 4 minutes can cause death. Well the same thing is slowly occurring to the cells of your body since the alveoli in your lungs are being coated with tar and nicotine and are not exchanging enough oxygen when you breathe. Hence, oxygen along with valuable nutrients, are not being transported through your narrowed and clogged arteries.

Smoking also causes stress on your liver and other filtering organs which will ultimately cause them to operate less efficient. This in turn suppresses your immune system and creates more health issues and  debilitating illnesses which can affect sexual performance.

The bottom not take a prescription ED pill with damaging side effects when it does not address the underlying condition that could have a deadly outcome. This is one of the issues with the health care system today; treating the symptoms and not the underlying issues. Find the root of the problem and fix that. Only then will you be in control of your own health and any performance issues.

Stop smoking! Start eating a healthy diet of nuts, legumes, fruits, whole grains, vegetables and fish. Drink clean water without chlorine. Exercise to move fluids through your system and breath in fresh air. Do a 30-day cleanse to clean and repair your colon, liver, gall bladder, and blood stream. You can find a good one, Clean & Repair, at the on-line retailer Herbal Integrity. It cleans and repairs all at one time. Take Serrapeptase (physician strength) by Enerex to clean out the scar tissue in your arteries and body. You can find it at many health care offices or find a list of dealers from the U. S. distributor, Enerex USA.

Make sure to remove all the toxins from your cells by using the Fulvic and Humic acids found in Humifulvate.  And make sure you get all the 46 essential nutrients into your system every day that the body can't make. Read the SONA Study to find out what those are and how to get the right quantities into your system.

Just think how much money you will save every year on your insurance payments! Smokers pay a premium. Consider how much you pay in taxes  every week for those cigarettes. Do you really want to live with a disease and fall into a state of ill health for the last 40 years of your life?

You have an opportunity to rewrite your health future. Take hold of your health now. If you don't take time to be healthy now... you will be forced to take time later when you fall into ill health. RememberFree Reprint Articles, erectile dysfunction is only a sign of a greater potential problem. Don't ignore the signs!

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Mark Schumacher is a 58 year old health advocate, coach and trainer. He researches and writes about products & supplements he feels are of great benefit to his clients. Mark highly recommends the products manufactured by Enerex Botanicals in Canada.  Enerex uses only the highest quality ingredients & manufacturing processes which do not compromise the potency of those ingredients.  Their U. S. distributor is EnerexUSA.  All of the Enerex products are also available for sale to the public from the on-line retailer Herbal Integrity.

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