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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Five Ways to Impress Dentists

Patients who want to make their dentists happy can accomplish it fairly easily. All they need to do is alter five of their lifestyle habits with a few small tweaks.Oral healthcare isn't just about ha...

Patients who want to make their dentists happy can accomplish it fairly easily. All they need to do is alter five of their lifestyle habits with a few small tweaks.

Oral healthcare isn't just about having a mouthful of sparkling pearly whites. Medical researchers have come to the realization that having health teeth, gums and mouths are crucial to overall well being. Some of the other benefits to keeping oral structures healthy are fewer physical and mental ills such as clogged arteries, premature births, heart disease, diabetes complications, malnutrition, depression and anxiety over lost teeth and more. Won't it be worth it to make your dentists happier and your body and mind healthier? Here are five tweaks to make now:

1- Stop smoking cigarettes: You know you've been meaning to give up the cancer sticks because they are eating your lunch financially. You know you've been coughing up the smoky remnants of tobacco for a while now. You realize you're sick of your whole house smelling like the inside of a shoe. But one benefit of giving up the smokes is that your teeth will be in better shape. They will stop turning as yellow as the commercial pages of an old phone book and your breath won't stink anymore.

2- Choose a straw when sipping acidic or sugary beverages: If you're a fan of soda pop or orange juice, you'll be relieved to know that you don't have to give up your drinks of choice. You will have to give up slamming them back directly from the cup, however. If you don't want these substances to have an adverse effect on your tooth enamel, simply suction them up through a straw.

3- Brush and floss twice a day: You've been meaning to get around to that, you say? Well, now's the time. No excuses! Brush and floss once in the morning and again at night. If you can do it after every snack or meal, your dentist will be especially thrilled with you.

4- Make an appointment for a checkup and cleaning every six months: Twice a year - or more if there are any special dental issues that are being monitored - is necessary for oral wellbeing. Mark your calendar, make advance appointments, have the office staff of your DDS remind you - whatever it takes, just do it! A thorough cleaning by a dental hygienist will keep decay and plaque at bay. A dental will also spot cavities and other problems before they escalate.

5- Smile more: Did you know that smiling is good for your health? When a person smiles, this sends a message to his or her brain that something joyous is going on which results in a release of endorphins, AKA a feeling of happiness. Smiling will also make people smile back and the whole world will be a better place. Your dentist and everyone else you come into contact with will be glad you did.

Individuals who want to improve their own lives as well as make their dentists happy will take the initiative by doing the above five steps. Their quality of life and DDS approval rating will go sky high.

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