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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Going Bald In Style Is Easy For Men, Tough on Women

Boys and their hair toys... which just don't fool anyone. And yes, we all know it. But some men just can't give up the hairly-ghost of pretense. From the most ridiculous offers on late-night T.V. (the...

Boys and their hair toys... which just don't fool anyone. And yes, we all know it. But some men just can't give up the hairly-ghost of pretense. From the most ridiculous offers on late-night T.V. (the painted skull look will always have a special place in my heart), to the toupees that resemble shag rugs to the kitsch comb-over...let it go, already. How on earth do you think that's adding to your allure, when we can't take our eyes off of your head, wondering if your plugs are going to crawl off and die noble deaths soon? Shiny, slick, sleek, sexy. These are the words that have become attached to shaved heads, no longer the weak-willed baldy.

The shame of shaving no longer has the power it used to, and we ladies are thankful for it. Don't get us wrong, we all have different things we find drool-worthy, but it's rarely hair. Unless you perm, mullet or otherwise maintain an out-of-date pate. This category is also where comb-overs reside. Typically, generally, usually: it's down to you, not us. We don't care about your hair. If you spent as much time on the rest of you as you do trying to falsify locks, you'd look hot.  

I don't know any women that find bald men unattractive. The opposite's true: it's become so normal, we might notice men with hair as atypical. When you think about the fact that at least a quarter of men start the hair-loss process at around 30, and two-thirds by sixty, it doesn't come across as such a shocking process. Some scientists theorize that it evolved in the male genetic code, to make men more attractive and as a sign of 'enhanced maturity.' There's also the rumor that bald men are better in the sack, and insatiable lovers. Nothing's proven to date, but it's a nice stereotype to embrace.

The largest worry nowadays is women losing their hair. Either it's a relatively new aspect for women to worry about, or they were better at masking it in the good old days. The hurdles that balding women have to leap are much higher than for men. When it's not by choice in shaving, or a side-effect from an illness, but a natural part of that woman's aging process- bald suddenly becomes un-sexy. See how they run? There are a lot of different hair-loss therapies and treatments available, and more daily. In a few years, they're hoping to have a product on the market that involves stem cells. They damaged mice skin, and noticed new hair follicles grew. What mice give up for frail human vanity. 

Women should be able to have the same right as men in the hair department: that losing your hair doesn't mean you lose your edge. That bald is beautiful, to use an exhausted cliché. Yet I suspect it may be years down the line (or never) for a woman to go bald naturally. Getting a Brazilian, though, seems it will never lose its attraction- except to the women who've suffered waxing injuriesArticle Search, and lived to tell the tale.

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