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Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Here’s How You Can Choose A Drinking Water System

Discover the different ways of purifying drinking water. Do you know the color of contaminated water? Drinking boiled water is safe. Drink only purified water to avoid illness. You can experience stomach pain with contaminated water. Read this article, to learn what purifier system to use.

A safe drinking water system is crucial to your health. Without treatment for your drinking water, you will never know if you have consumed pollutants or contaminants that are detrimental to your health over time.

Because of modernization, your drinking water is no longer as safe as 100 years ago. However, there are methods to ensure that you can enjoy pure and clean water to drink. Boiling is one way of killing germs. It is also used during emergency or when you are in emergency situation, such as going camping or hiking and you consumed all your bottled water.

The benefits of boiling include killing off pathogens, and removing Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. However, on the negative side, it is not advisable if there are toxic metals, chemicals or nitrates present in your water.

If the water is cloudy, it should first be filtered before boiling. Filtration is another process of ensuring a safe drinking water system. Filters are also used during camping. There are two types of filters, namely the sediment and activated carbon. Sediment filters include fiber and ceramic filters.

Ceramic water filters integrate nano-silver penetrated into a porous ceramic outer shell to trap bacteria down to as small as .22 of a micron in size. Charcoal water filters have many forms. Carbon block is the solidified form of a honeycombed carbon. For many, it is the best form of filter; however its flow rate is slower than with loose charcoal.

Activated silver impregnated charcoal is called Chlorgon. It has chloramines exclusion and bacterial killing ability. Carbon filters are not known to change the pH balance of water. So if you have acidic water, you will still have acidic water with carbon filters, because the minerals causing the acidity will be dissolved and pass through the carbon filter.

Reverse osmosis is another popular drinking water system. It draws water through a fine membrane which acts like a fine filter to produce drinkable water from salty water. The contaminated water is passed through one side of the membrane, with pressure. It then reverses in the osmotic process.

The advantages of reverse osmosis include reduction of salt and most inorganic and organic compounds present in the water. They are trapped in the filters, which purifies the treated water.

Ultra Violet Radiation systems use high frequency light to irradiate water through a glass element. The water passing the element is exposed to the light which kills all living organisms.

This drinking water system is common among third world hotels to ensure that the local water consumption is safe from harmful elements like fecal matter. Water distillation is another process of purifying drinking water.

It is believed to be the effective approach in eliminating water of all impurities. But just recentlyPsychology Articles, there have been studies that link water distillation to the imbalance of minerals in the body. It also has acidic results that typical distilling drinking water systems create.

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