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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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How to Choose the Right Whey Protein

A good protein supplement is a must for every bodybuilders who are serious about their workout. Whey protein is one of the most popular, and often misunderstood supplement. As the number of choices increases, consumers are more confused than ever. How could you pick the right protein?

Keep in mind, before I start, that whey protein is designed to be a supplement. Many people still think it is a replacement for meals, which is wrong. The best practice is to get various nutrients from the diet because the body needs different types of protein, and add whey protein to get enough daily supply for the body.

Just because a product is labeled as whey protein doesn't mean it is right for you. While all whey protein comes from milk, at the purest form, it still contains lactose as well as fat and cholesterol. Different methods to extract the protein while maintaining the quality and removing excessive undesired ingredients result in different quality of whey protein.

While protein in whey protein concentrate (WPC) is high enough, it still has other unwanted ingredients you want to avoid. Whey protein isolate (WPI) has higher content of protein, usually greater than 85 or 90 percent. Isolate tends to be easier to absorb. Isolate filtering procedure takes out more fat and lactose so it is ideally better if you aim for quality.

That is still scratching the surface though. As time goes, manufacturers introduce other nutritious elements into their products. And for that, you can find that price varies quite a lot. Whey protein also comes in a dozen or more favors, making it harder, or perhaps easier, to choose.

Whey protein isolate costs more than concentrate because of the filtering process during production. Because consumers begin to realize about the benefits of isolate, producers want to produce inexpensive protein while carrying the isolate label. So they include enough isolate in their blend to legally put the ingredient on the product label.

Inexpensive whey products may contain fillers and cheap ingredients to increase volume. Because of the benefits mentioned above, it is recommended that you choose whey isolate, but it isn't necessary to pay for the price of full whey protein isolate. A good blend of both provides high enough quality of protein and may save you quite some money in the long run. As more choices flock into the market, you have to spend more time if you want to research them all for the right protein that suits your budget and needs.

It is worth to point out that before you buy, certain brand of WPI can help you save further. If you are concerned about the efficiency your body can absorb nutrientsFree Reprint Articles, some whey products introduce various enzymes and multivitamins. That costs you much less if you pay separately for each vitamin product. Consider what it can do to your pocket in the long run.

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