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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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How To live Healthy and Happy Life .

Yoga recommends a simple and easy to digest food, which helps in maintaining the hormonal balance in our body. This food may have spices like coriander, turmeric, cumin, neem flower, and fenugreek see...

Yoga recommends a simple and easy to digest food, which helps in maintaining the hormonal balance in our body. This food may have spices like coriander, turmeric, cumin, neem flower, and fenugreek seeds. Some of these spices have antibacterial and natural healing properties, which help to get rid of blemishes.We gain weight for a variety of reasons but stress, improper diet, irregular schedules and lack of exercise are some of the main culprits today.  These habits have caused us to gain weight over time, so it is not healthy or safe to attempt to lose weight very quickly, as tempting as it is. We have tried before and know that it does not work.  Tedious exercises and diets may give us some results in the short term but they are not permanent. And extreme weight loss can be dangerous.

It has been noticed that growth problems affect the daily lifestyle. These have psychological as well as mental affect on your daily routine. A short body may trouble many people. There are various ways to increase height. But the only approved methods are limb lengthening and proper exercises. Limb lengthening is a surgical procedure that requires huge amount of money & time. It further has its own pros and cons. So, exercises to increase height appear to be a better option. Unlike the limb lengthening, this is affordable for one & all.Ensure that you take the right amount of nutrients required for your proper growth. Fiber, proteins, calcium, vitamins & minerals and foods such as fruits, vegetables & milk needs to be taken for your well being & growth. Also, increase your daily water intake.

The inception of cold breeze; frosty nights; biting chilly mornings and starts the winter woes that come along with it as a twin sibling-agitating the body to hell and disturbing the immune system. Some experience a rashness in the skin, some undergoes a flaky skin, some feel an itching numbness in the feet and palms while someone's nose pours like a stream through out the season. Name it as seasonal sickness or an allergy, it definitely irks!Explains Dr. Sanjay Saini, a physician, 'People don't understand that one has to tame the body with the upcoming change in the season, don't we prepare and check our memories for the coming examinations? Why not check and scrutinize our bodies? Generally, everybody takes the seasonal change for granted and ultimately join the unending queue of the viral victims. No concern for health and one end in the bed with prescribed medication. It is nothing but a bad reaction to a bad action.'

Recreational activities can become a friend for life. These activities can change your life and make it immensely interesting and joyful. Activities like Yoga, Exercising, Painting, Dancing and Cooking can accompany you during your most difficult times. On a personal experience, I can very well say that it is very important to have one or two of such activities practiced on a daily routine. This is important to rejuvenate one self from a highly stressful and unhealthy living.Yoga has breathing exercises (pranayama) as well as physical exercises or asanas. Breathing exercises help in increasing the supply of oxygen to various parts of our body. Exercises like sun salutation or "suryanamaskar", padmasana, pavanmuktasana etc involve forward bending and inverted bending postures. These exercises help the endocrine system and thus our entire body functioning improves.

Among the asanas, backbends are especially useful in this process, since they require strong concentration and open the chest and heart center. Let us then take a look at the ways in which backbends--and specifically one of the most common backbends, Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana (Upward Facing Dog Pose)--can help us face the kleshas and overcome them.Everyone who has experienced a panic attack knows what a profound impact they have on their lives. There are various sources of panic attack help. Some will take more time and require seeing a medical doctor -- like medications and cognitive therapy. However, there are some things that can be done to help deal with panic symptoms while waiting to consult a physician. They aren't cures, but they can sure help.Of course everywhere I turned, every marriage counselor I tried said that it was hopeless if she wasn't going to try as well. I searched everywhere and only found one person who had instruction on fixing my failing marriagePsychology Articles, even it was just me trying to fix it.

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