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Thursday, November 26, 2020
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How To Solve Menís Problem

Love is ... special in our life. Itís what we dream of, what we desire and what makes us really happy if we find it even for a short while. But ... between man and woman may just be rui

Love is something special in our life. Itís what we dream of, what we desire and what makes us really happy if we find it even for a short while. But relationship between man and woman may just be ruined because of ďmanísĒ problem. Itís a pity when low male performance puts a strain on romantic relations. Worse still if people get parted merely because of this point since impotence is a treatable problem and not an inevitable result of aging. Surprisingly, but less than 5% of men with impotence have ever been treated. Why?
As a matter of fact, impotence or erectile dysfunction is quite common all over the world affecting as many as 20% of men. Itís OK for every man to have difficulty with erection occasionally. But when this happens time after time and becomes a regular difficulty (chronic impotence) itís time to do something about it.
Fortunately, nowadays there are many ways to treat impotence. Statistics show, however, that the most popular mean is famous drug Viagra. Only 15% of people have ever heard of any other medication for erectile dysfunction.
Invented by Dr. Nicholas Terrett originally as a heart medicine Viagra (its drug name is sildenafil) was later found to increase blood flow to the penis, allowing thus to reverse erectile dysfunction. Peter Dunn and Albert Wood then worked on the manufacturing process to synthesize a Viagra compound into a pill. Approved by the FDA in 1998 Viagra became one of the best options for sexual dysfunction sufferers. Since then, 40,000 Viagra prescriptions are filled daily! Why is this medication so popular?
First of all, it is proven to be successful. Thatís perhaps the most important point. Secondly, itís generally well tolerated. Side effects (if any) are usually mild and temporary (upset stomach, headache, stuffy nose, mild visual changes). Thirdly, unlike other drugs which produce erection in the absence of sexual arousal, Viagra is only effective in response to stimulation. This means that regained erectile function will still be completely under control and you wonít have a spontaneous erection. One more thing Ė Viagra is a pill, not a painful injection or anything else unpleasant. It is normally prescribed as one tablet once a day from 30 minutes to 4 hours (preferably 1 hour) before sexual activity.
Yes, itís available by prescription only. Whatís more, consultation with physician is really necessary. You need to discuss all of the medications you are taking (prescription and over-the-counter) as Viagra is not recommended in combination with some of them (for example, combined with nitroglycerin it may lower blood pressure). Such consultation as well as further ordering is available online.
Why deal with your impotence on the Internet? Because itís comfortable, simple, secure, and without embarrassment. You communicate your sexual problems to qualified American physicians (Cymedic Health Group) and if you are healthy you get the prescription.
Of course, Viagra is not panacea as thereís no medication that works for everybody, but it is effective in as many as 70% of cases which is quite high a figure. Against painful and embarrassing procedures (injections, surgery, and others) used until recently to treat sexual dysfunction Viagra pills popularity is quite understandable.
Consider all above-mentioned. Have online consultation. Perhaps you will find that Viagra is the right medication for you.

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