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Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Hypoglycemia Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Information about the causes, symptoms and treatment of hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Read this article to know symptoms, causes and treatment for hypoglycemia.

The diabetes complication is the most common cause of Hypoglycemia. Body fails to use glucose, and the diabetes occurs. It happens because the pancreas is not capable enough to produce insulin. On the other hand, insulin is available but not effective. According to body system, glucose has to enter into body cells, whether it prepares in the blood. Hypoglycemia occurs mostly when people use insulin to keep their blood sugar low. Type 1 diabetics and some patients of type 2 diabetes use insulin. Type 2 diabetics taking oral drugs, sulfonylureas are risky in low blood sugar episode.

The Symptoms of hypoglycemia reveals biochemical response of the body usually starts when sugars are in the high/mid 70's. Regarding this, liver releases and the hormones activate. Data find the fact that the process occurs without any clinical symptoms in many people. The symptoms of hypoglycemia also suggests when the blood glucose level is at 60's, the first set of symptoms of hypoglycemia occurs. Adrenergic or sympathetic is the first set of symptoms. It relates to the response of hypoglycemia of the nervous system, and patients can experience any of the following.

1. Nervousness
2. Sweating
3. Intense hunger 
4. Trembling 
5. Weakness 
6. Palpitations7. Trouble speaking often.

These symptoms are recognizable in most patients. The most patients with diabetes experience this degree of hypoglycemia, if they are on medication or insulin. Persons do not care about diet for raising blood glucose, the levels continues dropping, and if it is at the range of 50 mg/dl, or under 50 mg/dl , most patients progress to neuro-glyco-penic ranges, it means brain is not getting enough glucose. Symptoms become confusing covering drowsiness, behavior changes, coma and seizure. 

The causes of hypoglycemia include excessive medication, no meal or little amount of   food for taken insulin. It can also be strenuous exercise, or alcoholism. Insulin reaction is often considered the reference of Hypoglycemia. Therefore, the other causes of hypoglycemia can be alimentary problems, idiopathic, fasting, insulinoma, endocrine, extra pancreatic, hepatic disease and the combination of the factors. It is found that sometimes the causes of hypoglycemia are unknown, such as idiopathic. On the contrary, diabetics and non-diabetics experience these symptoms. Low blood sugar causes the hypoglycemia, as physicians diagnoses the blood sugar level to find out the causes. Children and teens without diabetes may suffer from a rare type of hypoglycemia, and it is known as reactive hypoglycemia.

The treatment of hypoglycemia can be the rapid delivery of a source of easily absorbed sugar. Therefore, the options can be -

1. Regular soda
2. Fruit juice
3. Lifesaver
4. Table sugar
5. The dose of 15 gm glucose based on assessment of the symptoms, and blood glucose level.

If patient does not benefited after 10 minutes, another 10 to 15 grams should be given, and it can be repeated up to three times. The acute treatment can be sugar combined with fat and protein. If deems necessaryBusiness Management Articles, call ambulance and go hospital.

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