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Monday, March 30, 2020
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Importance of Weight Training - Achieve a Healthier and Fit Body

Weight training is not just for bodybuilding but also to achieve healthier and a fit body. A combination of regular weight training with a rich protein diet and a brisk walk will do wonders to your body structure and lifestyle.

Weight training is a type of strength training which reduces our mass to muscles, thus developing and increasing the muscle strength. It mainly uses the force of gravity as resistance and weights as the equipments in different form. Weight training is not basically bodybuilding but to achieve healthier and a fit body.

Life is full of complexities and tensions resulting in a hectic lifestyle but one can take out time for being healthier or else why to continue working like machines resulting in flab's and poor body metabolism.

A combination of regular strength training or weight training with a controlled and rich protein diet and a brisk walk will do wonders to your body structure and lifestyle.

Reasons why weight training is important to your health are -

1. Basal metabolism is the result of working out with weights. It lets you burn increased calories thus stabilizing to normal level and also burns when you are asleep.

2. Natural degradation of metabolism can be reversed through weight training even after one crosses an age bar of thirty.

3. Endorphins which are the source of providing energy to the body are secreted at a higher rate when regularly lifting weights.

4. More than six hundred fifty muscles are present in our body and when we train them, every muscle somehow leaves a good effect.

5. Muscles endurance are increased step by step through weight training which means that you cannot lift more weight suddenly but can maintain to lift a continuous weight.

6. It is also a beneficial way by which women can tone up their body parts like buttocks, shoulders, arms, as weight training does not produce a large muscle line.

7. Natural strength and self esteem are boosted with weight training thus enhancing your confidence.

8. A relief from a lower back pain can be observed with regular training.

9. Natural healing of our body can be increased to fight against various diseases that are found in the later stages of life such as cancer by marshalling the weight training.

10. Colon cancer a major threat for many people, the threat can be minimized by weight training through increasing the metabolism of digestive system.

11. The oxygenated blood and muscles from weight training increase the blood circulation resulting a glow on your face.

12. Coordination and balance is vastly improved after some time by regular weight training.

13. An improved heart rate is observed simultaneously raising the strength of immune system.

By making some real efforts, you will be able to see a life out there that is worth living. All you need is just an hour each day of workout. Eat right, weight train and do cardio exercises and in no time you will see yourself become a much stronger person.

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