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Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Is It an Alzheimer’s Symptom or Normal Aging?

Not all forgetfulness is indicative of Alzheimer's Disease; some minor memory issues are just part of the aging process. But do not let blatant symptoms be written off as normal aging.

With the major focus and most widely known symptom of Alzheimer’s disease being affiliated with memory, a lot of people are oversensitive to memory issues. Some memory loss and related issues are just a part of aging. While you should never diagnose a loved one yourself, these are some situations to look for.

If a person often loses his keys, he may just need a better routine. If a person, however, loses his keys and they are found in a strange place like the refrigerator, there may be reason to be concerned. One incident could be a case of a frazzled day. If a person gets into a car and seems puzzled as how to start the ignition, there is also reason to research further.

A situation that often happens as patients debilitate is the constant repetition of exact conversations. For example, a mother says to her adult daughter, “Why are you limping?” The daughter answers, “I broke my toe,” only to have the mother declare minutes later, “Gracious, you are limping, is something wrong with your foot?” This conversation could continue for the entire visit between the mother and the daughter, and the next time the mother visits, the daughter’s injury will be brand new. However, a situation in which the mother knows the daughter is injured but it slips her mind one night when she asks the daughter to go on a walk, is probably just a reasonable slip up.

Those beginning to feel and identify early signs of Alzheimer’s Disease may become offensive at the suggestion that they are wrong about something, that they need help, or that they did something wrong. A man may defend himself endlessly claiming something such as, “The directions said to put the whole pizza box in the oven.” While most of us have mistakenly put a frozen pizza in the oven forgetting to separate it from the thin piece of cardboard on the bottom, a person exhibiting Alzheimer’s symptoms will defend his wrongdoing as someone else’s fault, and will take offense and exhibit
anger if accused otherwise.

Other Alzheimer’s symptoms include losing interest in favorite activities, being inclined to stay home forgetting the steps of everyday tasks like “brush, floss, rinse,” wearing inappropriate clothes for the weather, or wearing more than one of a certain garment.

Many who are watching a patient slowly debilitate will cling to lucid moments claiming that it cannot be Alzheimer’s. There are, however, seven identified stages of the disease symptoms with only the last couple finding a person in total dysfunction. As soon as you see cause for concern, begin to investigate and contact a doctor immediately. Currently there are medical possibilities that can slow the progression of the disease if it is treated in one of the earlier stages, but denial often robs a patient of effective treatment.

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