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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Laser Hair Removal - What\\\'s The Hit To Your Pocketbook?

Laser hair removal is one of the more popular methods for removing excess furriness on one’s body. Here’s how much it can cost.

Some of the more common regions for laser hair removal on a woman include the bikini area, legs, armpits and facial hair. For a man, the most common regions include splitting the unibrow into two attractive segments and eliminating back hair that has a striking resemblance to a bear rug. In the past, other smoothing methods have been tried including waxing, shaving, plucking, electrolysis, using a depilatory cream to dissolve the sprouts and bleaching agents to camouflage the dark fuzz.

These old fashioned methods were often unsatisfactory for an array of reasons including pain, ineffective results and the fact that they were quite temporary. All that fuss with regrowth still occurring soon afterwards. The laser has revolutionized the ability to sport bare skin surfaces in those previously frizzy with hair growth. Just how much does this miracle laser hair removal zapping cost? Here are some estimates:

- Bikini Area: This will vary depending on the amount of hair removal that is desired. It will also depend on whether the service is being performed by a cosmetic surgeon or an aesthetician. Bikini line removal may include just the areas which may be seen above and below a bathing suit bottom such as the upper thighs and the belly region above the pubic bone. It may also cover more area such as trimming the fur into a stripe or shaped into a heart. A full Brazilian removal may equate to no pubic hair left at all. Some average prices are approximately $350 to $500.

- Furry Backs: That big bear of a man may have to shell out a substantial sum to have a sleek appearance on his back. Again, depending on the amount to be treated, the price may range from $500 to nearly $1,000.

- Chests: Some men want that sleek look on their manly chests, as well. To strip furriness from the chest, men will need to pay from $300 to $600.

- Legs: No more shaving when a woman zaps away her stubble. For smooth and silky gams, a lady will pay between $500 to $800. This price tag may seem steep, but remember, there are two legs, not one, seeking sleekness.

- Uni-brows: For those with one giant slash of hair growth above their eyesScience Articles, the uni-eyebrow may be trimmed into two neat and attractive brows. A person’s lovely lashes and eye color will be much more noticeable without being overshadowing by an overgrowth of bushy brows.

This nearly permanent smoothness is achieved due to the zapping of follicles in a person’s skin surface which is where hair growth originates. The word “laser” is actually an acronym coined in the 1960’s. The letters in the word stand for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Intense beams of energy and light are aimed at follicles in order to curtail them from further production. Several treatments of the laser hair removal treatments are needed to complete eradication of up to 80% of future growth potential.

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