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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Lung Cancer And Blood Cancer Two Killers That Are Still Ruining Millions of Innocent Lives

Cancer is still a major threat to millions of people. Lung cancer and blood cancer are two most common types of cancer. The good thing is we now have more treatment options and that these treatments are more effective than the earlier ones.

Let's understand cancer first

Cancer is the condition wherein cells in your body leave the normal patter and start growing abnormally. This disruption to the process of cell production causes serious complications. The disease can develop in almost all areas of your body. It means cancer can develop in your brain, blood, lung, breast, bone, anal, appendix, colon, anywhere and everywhere. The good thing is early diagnosis and treatment is available for most types of cancer.

Lung cancer

It's a major killer worldwide. And smoking is the chief cause behind this cancer. Every time you smoke, you increase your chances of developing cancer in your lungs. So you better stay away from smoking. There are medicines available that can help you weaken your craving for smoking. Counseling can also help.

Treatment for lung cancer

Treatments may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or a combination of all these. Choice of treatment may vary from one patient to another, one case to another. These treatments do come with side-effects; however, with medications and guidance, they can be managed pretty well. Patients and their families only need to ensure they look only for the best cancer hospitals in India for treatments, and be in constant touch with their surgical team.

Blood cancer

It's cancer of the blood. It develops in the bone marrow where blood cells are formed. Since this cancer affects the formation of blood cells white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets - the patient is at a greater risk of developing infection and the organs face shortness of oxygen.

Blood cancer can be of many types. Some are more likely to happen in children, while others mostly happen in adults

Treatment for blood cancer

Just like lung cancer, treatment options for blood cancer include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Bone marrow transplant is often required in blood cancer; the transplant replaces the diseased bone marrow with the healthy one. Only the best cancer hospitals in India have the required infrastructure and expertise to perform bone marrow transplant. The first few weeks are critical for the patient because during this period of time he/she is like a new-born baby, and at a greater risk of developing infections.

It is true that cancer particularly lung cancer and blood cancer is ruining countless lives around the world; however, it is also true that medical science has discovered many new and effective ways to treat most types of cancer. Hope is very much alive! And very soon we'll have a worldComputer Technology Articles, where nobody would die by the hands of cancer!

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