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Monday, February 18, 2019
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Maintaining Your New Body after Liposuction

Many Americans see liposuction as a quick fix which gets rid of unwanted body fat with one magical procedure. However, not everyone realizes how easily that fat can be gained back. With a few healthy life style changes, that fat will stay away for good!

While liposuction may seem like a magic fix for those last 5-10 pounds, the extra weight won't stay off if you simply continue your previous unhealthy lifestyle once the surgery is complete. In fact, you'll quickly find that the fat begins to accumulate once again, perhaps in different places than before. However, with some relatively simple changes, you can confidently keep your new body in check and looking lean!

1. Water, Water and More Water!

Drink lots of water. The most well-known rule of thumb is at least eight 8-oz. cups of water every day, but this amount will vary depending on the climate you live in, your activity level, and many other factors. It's a good goal to meet though!

Water provides plenty of advantages. It helps to flush toxins out of the body, keep that growling stomach from becoming too empty, and may even aid in digestion. You'll definitely have more energy when you are well hydrated, and all your bodily functions (including digestion) will work more efficiently.

2. Don't Skip Meals!

Yes, that means that you should eat breakfast each and every day. Make it as much of a priority to eat a hearty, healthy breakfast as you do a nutritious and relaxing dinner after work. And lunch is also an important meal. In fact, many dieticians recommend that you eat six small meals throughout the day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and a final snack. Of course, these meals and snacks should not be the huge Sunday lunches, but a moderate amount of healthy proteins, veggies and carbs.

Skipping a meal causes you to be extremely hungry at the next meal time. And when we're starving, we have a tendency to overeat. That leaves us uncomfortable and full of non-essential calories which will convert to fat and completely ruin the results of your liposuction. So, even if you have to grab a cup of granola on the way out the door to work, do it!

3. Choose Healthy and Wholesome Snack Options

It takes effort to maintain a healthful diet! Our culture makes it so easy to grab that quick snack of a large bag of potato chips, a coke, or maybe something sweet, all of which add up to empty calories which really don't benefit your body at all. To combat this pitfall, take your own snacks to work, the grocery store, or anywhere else you plan to go. And we mean snacks that are going to provide essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and healthy carbs. Items like vegetables, perhaps carrot or celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, green pepper strips, or another type of veggie that's easy to pack in a Ziploc bag and throw in your purse. Other ideas that may be easier to accommodate at home are pretzels and hummus, yogurt, or apple slices and peanut butter. There's a bunch of great options out there, you just have to plan ahead a little!

These three tips will go a long way in maintaining the gorgeous results of your liposuction procedure. Not only thatArticle Search, but you'll feel healthier and have more energy than ever before!

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