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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Male Hair Restoration and Prevention

This article discusses male hair restoration and the techniques and remedies of hair loss. It also explains how to prevent hair loss or baldness.

Male hair restoration is one avenue that many men go down when they notice that they are experiencing some thinning or loss. Loss or thinning occurs to both men and women, and basically the same causes are the culprits. Many people think that environmental and stress factors are the main causes of this occurrence, but the reality of it is that people are predisposed to baldness and thinning strands. In other words, it is in our genetic makeup whether or not we will end up with thinning locks or bald. Environmental and stress factors just contribute to making these happen earlier or faster.

Men are usually more affected with this problem than women. Male hair restoration comes in many different techniques and treatments. Some of these methods and remedies work well for some men and not for others. It is simply a matter of how the body reacts to these methods.

One simple solution to the loss is using a hairpiece. Many men dislike this because some products appear unnatural and make it very obvious that he is wearing one. If this option is appealing, the man should go to a reputable store that sells high quality wigs. In this day and age, many improvements have been made in this field. For some men, wearing a hairpiece is a sign that they have submitted to baldness and there is nothing else they can do about it. This is why many do not like to wear one and continue to try out other male hair restoration methods.

One method is the use of medications to stimulate growth. Studies have shown that thinning locks can be restored to their former glory, or something close to it, by using medications sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration as safe to use. Monoxidil and Finasteride are two solutions that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Research has shown that the use of either one can help improve the balding or thinning situation. Results of tests have also shown that it takes time before the desired results are achieved, and that when the use of the medications is stopped, the growth and improvement usually stops after a few months.

Implants are also a good technique for male hair restoration. It is a surgical procedure that requires getting entire follicles or plugs from other areas with good hair growth. These plugs are then surgically implanted in the balding or thinning areas. It takes several months to reach the desired results and the lushness of the mane may not be as desired after the first few sessions. Some people might want to get more sessions to get the desired results faster. Some doctors also recommend tissue expansion procedures that move the scalp accordingly in order to have a full head of hair. Small balloons are used to expand crucial areas of the scalp which have more growth. Over a span of a few months, the scalp will have expandedBusiness Management Articles, making it surgically possible to use the expanded area and place it on the bald spot.

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If you are experiencing hair loss and wearing a hairpiece does not appeal to you, you are probably considering looking for male hair restoration Long Island. Choosing the right clinic is important in this process, and you should consider calling for more information.

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