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Monday, February 24, 2020
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If you eat food made from only 1 color fruit etc for many days continuously that color shall become excessive in your body and thus some or the other disease can erupt in your body. Hence as much as possible make use of all colored fruits and vegetables in a balanced†apt manner.

Dr Libis writes that sunlight and digestive functions have a strong bond with each other. Lest on the body of man or other creatures daily solar rays do not fall their digestive and balancing power gets depleted a lot. Pulsating Prana energy and human life are strongly related to each other. Life is bound strongly to light energy and its color grandeur and not to proteins, marrow, hydrogen, carbon or warmth.

Akin to space and air elements light element too is very subtle. The various types of colorful scenes witnessed by us all in the lush green lap of Mother Nature/Prakriti is but the divine sport of the 7 color rays emitted by the sun. Not only do our eyes feel that the colorful rays of the sun are beautiful but that they imbue our life with immense zest too. Solar rays evoke a permanent effect on the world of creatures. This then is the root foundation of solar ray healing/therapy. By filling water in various color glass bottles the effect of sunlight too varies and in them varied types of healing qualities manifest.


Via our gross eyes solar rays appear white in hue but yet in reality they are made up of 7 colors. The chemical effect of these 7 colors is of varied types. In various types of fruits, vegetables etc light and its colors evoke various types of qualities in them. As per the qualities of these chemicals we use fruits, vegetables etc. In the colorful creation of nature/Prakriti each one has some or the other hidden goal. In the plant kingdom due to the light principle varied types of qualities, colors and chemical principles can be seen.


On the basis of various colors we can classify fruits and vegetables as follows:

1)††††† YELLOW COLOR: Fruits of yellow color give good effects on our digestive power. It has special importance in activating weak muscles/nerves of the stomach and its walls. These yellow fruits are easily digestible and appetizing. It helps overcome many stomach disorders. Examples of such yellow fruits include sour lime, sweet lime, solanum, pineapple, musk-melon, papaya, pot herb Chenopodium album and guava. In these, carbon, nitrogen and mineral salts are found in great measure.

2)††††† RED COLOR: In red color fruits the measure of iron and potassium is high. Nitrogen and oxygen too are present in optimal amounts. Examples of such red fruits include beet root, red berries, tomatoes, red vegetables, red radish, spinach etc.

3)††††† ORANGE COLOR: In orange color fruits and vegetables lime and iron are present in optimal amounts. Examples of such orange fruits include oranges, mangos, carrots etc

4)††††† BLUE COLOR: In blue color fruits and vegetables we include dark purple also. In them oxygen, nitrogen, magnesium and phosphorous are present in optimal amounts. Examples of such blue fruits include potatoes, apples, grams, rose apple, black plum, fruit Grewie asiatica, wood apple etc.

5)††††† GREEN COLOR: In green color fruits and vegetables a lot of cooling effect is noted. It benefits our kidneys, clears our stomach and aids in healing of eye/skin related diseases.

In manís bodily or mental growth all colored fruits and vegetables mentioned above that are a creation of solar rays must be eaten in a balanced manner. If you eat food made from only 1 color fruit etc for many days in succession that color shall become excessive in your body and thus some or the other disease can erupt in your body. Hence as much as possible make use of all colored fruits and vegetables in a balanced optimal manner. By establishing in an individual manner, what type of optimal balance and ratio of colored fruits and vegetables is beneficial, that measure must be included, in our daily diet?


For human beings sunlight is supreme and so beneficial that words fail to describe its supremacy. Sunlight influences our soul so sacredly that generally we experience that living in dark closed rooms we pant for fresh air since we find these places choking. By living in airy sunlit places inner mental agitations, stress etc get uprooted and since the heartís restlessness too disappears we feel very happy. Sunlight symbolizes zest, enterprise, daring and ecstatic bliss.


Sunlight possesses the power to destroy disease inducing germs, microbes etc. Hence, make it a point to expose your body to as much sunlight as possible. In order to imbibe within the sunís Prana or life force bestowing energies, in USA and England people sunbathe a lot. When people travel to sea shores for sunbathing on its beaches they wear only their underwear and remove all other clothes. In this manner they lie down on the sand of the beach under very warm sunlight. One scene regarding sunbathing has been described by Mr. Narayan Agarwal as follows:

After resting a bit we decided to bathe in the sea. We took our bathing clothes and walked towards the sea shore. The sunshine was hot and from afar we saw the sea water shining brilliantly. Although our residence was far from Eastbourne yet there was a huge crowd of sea bathing lovers. Huge waves lashed at the rocks on the shore. At a short distance, small boats bobbed about here and there. Many men-women wearing their swimming suits were sunbathing on the beach.† Some were lying with chest facing the sandy ground and others were lying on their backs. Women were lying flat under thin umbrellas. At first shot this scene appeared quite strange. Men-women whose major body skin was nakedly exposed lied down very close to each other. In London it is considered a sin to move out without wearing socks. In homes too it is a must that dressing gowns are worn yet all these etiquettes just do not apply when it comes to sunbathing on beaches etc. There it is considered best that you keep naked as much portion of your body as possible.


In lack of sleep/insomnia and anemia wherein the blood levels are low sunlight proves to be nectarine in curing this problem. Insomnia can induce TB too. By sunbathing, the bloodís oxygen that nourishes our Prana energy/life force increases a lot and blood circulates with good healthy speed in the entire body. In sunlight our breathing becomes deep and slow. Thus at night we can get good sound sleep.

In anemia wherein the blood levels are low the patient suffers from severe throbbing headaches. Under such circumstances sunbathing accrues lots of benefits.


When our blood pressure is high if we sunbathe it lowers our BP healthily. In a general way even healthy people must sunbathe for 15 minutes daily. By imbibing solar rays our weight increases. In all stages of blood pressure problems, only under the watchful eye of a naturopath, solar healer and doctor must you sunbathe in the measure of time prescribed by them.


For healing various types of wounds solar ray exposure have given mind boggling results because blood circulation speeds up because of it. Solar rays destroy tainted microbes, germs etc. Solar rays pierce our body to reach right within its core and thus cells in the blood increase healthily. Thus since all disease inducing germs get killed the wound heals properly. Such patients must sunbathe on their entire body at least for sometime daily.


In the curing of TB solar rays are most beneficial. In the blood life force augments a lot. A TB patient must sit under sunshine at least for 20 minutes. At such times wear minimum clothing. It is of course best that you sunbathe naked. Modern healers/doctors feel that sun rays are a super medicine for curing TB. In TB while using sun rays make sure you do so as per the guidance of an adept naturopath, solar healer and doctor. Never should TB patients sunbathe without their guidance.

In your ordinary mundane life sunbathing is very useful. It is a priceless incomparable gift. Small children must be made to sunbathe daily under early morning gentle sunlight for say about 10 minutes. In cold season they must be encouraged to play outdoors only under sunlight and fresh air. Little babies must be made to lie under early morning gentle sunlight daily. For patients of various diseases sunlight exposure is a Super Medicine.

Due to sunbathing, the measure iron in our blood increases by 2%. For this you need not take capsules, food items etc that increase our iron content in our blood. Due to sunbathing, such qualities emerge known to be very effective that is totally unknown to the trend of devouring allopath and other medicines. None of these medicines have as much healing power as is seen in solar rays. There are certain principles below our skin that immediately get converted to Vitamin D when we sun bathe. Since our body has less lime content many a time diseases emerge in our body. Thus if you want to cure it aptly imbibe as much measure of sunlight as possible. This then is the stupendousScience Articles, very inexpensive use of solar rays for healing so many ordinary and incurable diseases that can kill the patients if solar healing therapy is not taken recourse to.

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Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e-books visit: and

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