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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Natural cure for prostatitis

Introduction to prostatitis- Prostate is an important gland in male reproductive system. It is an exocrine gland which store and  then secretes an alkaline fluid and constitutes really  a major part o...

Introduction to prostatitis-
Prostate is an important gland in male reproductive system. It is an exocrine gland which store and  then secretes an alkaline fluid and constitutes really  a major part of semen. It is responsible to neutralize the acidic nature of female reproductive system and helps to improve the life of spermatozoa. the infection of prostate gland by some micro organisms like bacteria etc is called prostatitis..
Major problems due to prostatitis-
In acute cases only frequency of urination and urge to urinate increases but due to ignorance this changes to chronic form which is having drastic results. the anatomical structure of prostate itself suggests its importance because it is totally covered by the plexus of nerves , arteries and veins like structures. Long time infection of prostate gland also results in the reduction of  their functions and with time erection diminishes. Second main problem is the reduction in the time period of sexual intercourse. The worst and most harassing  condition is continuous oozing of fluid from the penis. Gland and its sphincters become weak and they gives way to the secretions which keeps the male urethra and penis wet all the time. It further increases the chances of superimposed infections. The condition deteriorates with time to such extent that erection is ceased completely and even if erection occurs with help of some medicines some fluids comes with erection and erection is lost again. So reproductive life of a patient is completely destroyed . Patient keeps on changing doctors which just helps to subside the infection but the after effects of infection are the major concern for patient. The weakness of prostate gland and reproductive systems give sleepless nights to patients.
In acute cases antibiotics help to cure the symptoms. But in some cases and specially chronic cases the regular use of antibiotics and even injectables gives no results or the test reports of urine and culture sensitivity test reports are the one which show results. But even thought the reports show complete cure of infection the affects on reproductive system is unsatisfactory. Here the Dhaat or prostatitis becomes incurable. Role of ayurveda in prostatitis starts from this point. Ayurveda has many potent herbs and bhasmas which can completely cure acute and chronic both types of prostatitis.
Shilajit is best medicine for prostatitis. It is diuretic in nature which washes away the infection and secondly it is aphrodisiac in properties which strengthen the reproductive system in males .
Ashwagandha is equally effective herb which not only empowers the reproductive system and increases vitality but also reduces stress levels.
Shilapravang are also a powerful combination of different ayurvedic herbs for male reproductive diseases. It helps to increases the lost power in erectionBusiness Management Articles, reduction in time period and sperm counts and restores the confidence. Regular use of these medicines can completely restore  the lost power of prostate gland and nerves of reproductive system

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