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Monday, November 12, 2018
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Plastic Surgeon: Fixing You

Are you unhappy with your appearance? Do you want a little something to make yourself look more like how you envision yourself? If so, perhaps you need look into a plastic surgeon.

It's okay not to be pleased with something. It's perfectly acceptable to want a tweak here or there to fix a blemish or make something more visually appealing. For most people, however, this is simply a life-long want with no way to actively do something about it, something to fix it and make it better. But for some people, there is a way to change their appearance and it involves a plastic surgeon.

The more aesthetic branch of plastics is called cosmetics. Those who can afford it and who choose to utilize plastic surgeons can have their personal defects treated and fixed into their perfect image of themselves. Oftentimes, it is used for something like reshaping your nose, enlarging your breasts, or smoothing out wrinkles when age and gravity start to drag your face down to your feet.
In the past, cosmetics was used only for health-related problems, such as removing an unseemly birthmark, repairing a broken nose, healing burn damage, or fixing a busted jaw. However, since World War II, it became something for the rich and elite. Celebrities and those rolling in money would disappear for a few days and return with a tight, new face, or breasts the size of cantaloupes, or a perfectly rounded bottom. However, it still wasn't for the common American, simply because they could not afford to pay the rates charged to them by the doctors. It was taboo, something that the rich and famous did because they could and the layperson didn't do because they couldn't.

Not long after that, though, cosmetics began to be spoken about in the common circles. It became more affordable and people started to flock to the offices to have anything from a tiny tuck to a full facelift. Your teacher, coach, or barista at Starbucks could now afford to have cosmetic procedures performed on them.
There are many different types of surgery, not all of them cosmetics. The branch of reconstructive operations still perform most of their procedures on people for whom it is a life and death choice - burn victims, people with disfigured eyes or jaws, etc. Cosmetics, on the other hand, has become more and more for aesthetic purposes. Procedures like liposuction, laser facial resurfacing, and facelifts have become the common norm. Breast enlargement, which involves injecting silicone implants into one's breasts to make them fuller, isn't just something the celebrities partake in now. Hair replacement surgery has also become popular, especially for balding men.

All of this is well and good but it is also important to remember that cosmetics is still surgery. There are risks and dangers with any procedure whether it be open heart or liposuction. To that end, patients should choose their plastic surgeon carefully and study up on their options before making a final choice. Following thatArticle Search, patients should obey their doctor's instructions to the letter and enjoy the benefits of their investment in plastic surgery.

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