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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Preventing Yeast Infection: Preventive Measures against Candida

Preventing Candida Albicans from living in our bodies is not possible. However, preventing yeast infection can be accomplished by knowing and applying the ways of thwarting yeast overgrowth.

The yeast that causes vaginal yeast infection is known by the name of Candida Albicans. The said yeast is found everywhere: it can be in the food you eat, in the air, and so on. Preventing yeast infection, however, is possible once you take some actions that will make your body 'unattractive' to Candida Albicans.

Candida Albicans actually love living in this organ: the vagina. This is because the said yeast loves body areas that are damp and have a somewhat warm temperature. Everyone actually has yeast in their bodies, but some people may have too much yeast that is the cause of Candida yeast infection. Here are some ways on how you can prevent Candida Albicans from spreading too much:

1. Preventing yeast infection may be done by allowing the area (where yeast live), to breathe.

Health experts say that for your sexual organ to breathe or still be exposed to some air that Candida Albicans hate, you have to wear underwear that is made out of pure cotton. This is because the air flow is much better in panties made of cotton, thus, the air will still be able to reach your organ and help prevent Candida Albicans overgrowth.

Another way of gaining air exposure which aids in preventing yeast infection is to sleep at night wearing a night gown, or you can choose to sleep naked for the purpose of allowing better air exposure.

2. Frequent bathing can also inhibit vaginal yeast infection.

Since Candida Albicans hate dry areas, one way of preventing yeast infection is to take a bath more often. Some people may not know it, but taking a bath, specifically in a tub of water, then, drying off, will cause the skin to immediately dry out, making yeast unhappy. Thus, you can prevent Candida Albicans from multiplying. Those with Candida yeast infection can also gain some relief from bath taking.

3. Switch from birth control pills to other methods of birth control.

Preventing yeast infection may mean avoiding the intake of birth control pills. This is because birth control pills cause greater pH levels which yeast love. It may be best to consider other forms of contraception if you want to avoid vaginal yeast infection. Pregnant women should also be prepared since they are usually prone to yeast infection because of their high pH levels. It is highly recommended for pregnant females to consult with their obstetricians on preventing yeast infection at an early stage.

4. Take yogurt daily.

A study on preventing yeast infection shows how regular yogurt intake can prevent Candida Albicans infection. Yogurt actually has good bacteria, or the so called lactobacilli which helps protect your vagina from yeast overgrowth. Women who take yogurt daily are said to be better protected against vaginal yeast infection.

If you frequently itch, are usually irritated, or observe repeated discharges from your vagina, those may be signs of Candida yeast infection. It is a must that you consult your physician immediately to have that infection treated. If you, on the other hand, have no symptoms at all, it is best that you learn about the techniques of preventing yeast infection.

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Karen Winton provides good health tips. To learn more about Candida and how to treat it, view: How To Cure Candida. If you want recipes that contain no yeast and may aid in preventing yeast infection, see: Yeast Free Cooking.

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