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Thursday, June 20, 2019
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Quit Smoking Now with the help of Useful Quit Smoking Tips

Addiction to anything is unhealthy, even more so if its smoking addiction. If you are thinking about quitting smoking, but dillydallying it then this article will help you to put your thoughts into action and go about strengthening your resolve for smoking cessation.

It is so difficult at times to give up an addiction, be it food, cigarettes or alcohol. Nicotine in cigarettes makes it even more difficult for you to quit smoking. Here are a few tips that can give you a go, provided you are in the right frame of mind and have enough will power to help you in your smoking cessation endeavors. Mental preparation is as important as everything else for smoking cessation. This is because the withdrawal symptoms are difficult to manage and nicotine cravings tempt you from time to time, which on the whole influence your resolve to quit.

Keeping the following tips in mind can help you to bid adieu to your smoking habit for good and start a healthier, better and a smoke-free life:

1.Think about quitting smoking

The more you think about quitting smoking, the more determined you will become to do so. More and more people now try to give up smoking with the new and advanced aids that help in quitting smoking. So if you too think about it, you never know you might end up becoming a staunch non-smoker. Some people never give a thought about quitting smoking, just like we never think about leaving food altogether. So the task of smoking cessation†is never started and people go on living with their unhealthy habit of smoking. Give a thought about quitting smoking, write about it on your desktop, paste a note on your refrigerator or note it down on your diary and soon it will find its way on your Ďtop ten to-do listí.

2.Know your enemy well

The internet is loaded with information about smoking evils. From pictures of cancer patients to appalling death stories, there are a lot of things that can make your cigarette look like a potential death stick. Know how many carcinogens and dangerous chemicals are present in your cigarette and how you inhale deathly smoke that takes you away from your loved ones, second by second. By knowing more about the evils of smoking, your decision to quit will be strengthened and you will find yourself a step closer to your goal. Read about the ten most dangerous things about smoking before you set out from home and it will keep you away from cigarettes for some time at least, if not for the whole day.

3.Make a plan to quit

Planning to quit smoking†might not come across you as a good idea, if you havenít tried quitting before. But people who have tried before and failed, know the importance of laying down a plan, with the provision of all the intricate details regarding slip ups, rewards as well as punishments as and when required. If you do give in to temptations and smoke while you are quitting, donít give up altogether and consider it only as a stumbling block, not a roadblock. There are many counselors on the internet and various other websites that lay out a plan for you to help you in your day by day endeavors to overcome your smoking habit. Seeking help from these counselors or seeking behavior modification therapies will help you fare better.

4.Quit smoking timeline

A timeline is all about setting goals and trying hard to meet it. Donít delay quitting smoking and say I will quit after Christmas or New Years Eve. They are just excuses to delay. Say I will quit in a month, or 3 months, whatever you find achievable. A quit smoking timeline will put a focus to your goal, so that you wonít be trying to quit forever.

5.Methods for quitting smoking

The best help that you can get for quitting smoking is buying the smoking cessation medication. Champix†has emerged as the most prominent smoking cessation medication today with its unmatched success rate. It is much better than nicotine replacement therapies because it does not contain nicotine and yet curbs nicotine cravings as well as controls withdrawal symptoms. If your smoking addiction is psychological in natureFeature Articles, behavioral counseling and hypnotism would be a better option. Finding† out the triggers behind your habit and selecting the right method with due care could go a long way in helping you quit smoking.

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