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Friday, July 10, 2020
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Ringworm - Causes And Home Remedies

Ringworm is a fungal skin infection. The fungi causing ringworm belongs to the group 'dermatophytes' and the infection by such fungus is known as dermatophytosis.

Ringworm is a fungal infection of skin. The fungi causing ringworm belongs to the group 'dermatophytes' and the infection by such fungus is called dermatophytosis. It is medically termed as tinea. It can affect people of all age-groups; but predominance prevails among children. Earlier it was wrongly believed that a worm was responsible for the infection. But now the truth is known. 

Ringworm is contagious and the ringworm fungi thrive most in the warm and moist regions of body. The scalp, feet, nails and the entire body itself could fall prey to ringworm infection. The fungus resides on the surface of the skin and feeds on the Keratin protein of the skin. The infection never extends to the deeper layers of skin. Ringworm fungus produces scaly red rings on the body that itch a lot. There may be one such ring on the body or several rings at a time. Animals too can catch ringworm infection and spread it to humans. Depending on the location of infectionFind Article, ringworm may be classified as follows:

1. Tinea corporis (ringworm affecting body).
2. Tinea barbae (ringworm affecting bearded area of face).
3. Tinea capitis (ringworm affecting scalp).
4. Tinea cruris (ringworm affecting groins).
5. Tinea faciale (ringworm affecting face other than the bearded area).
6. Tinea manus (ringworm affecting hands).
7. Tinea pedis (ringworm feet).
8. Tinea uuguium (ringworm affecting fingernails).

The causes of ringworm may be listed as follows:

1. Skin to skin contact
2. Contact with contaminated articles
3. Unwashed clothing
4. Transmission through pets
5. Prolonged wetness of skin
6. Injury to skin and scalp
7. Excessive sweating
8. Lack of protective fatty acids (in case of scalp).

Home Remedies

1. Rub slices of unripe papaya on the affected region 2 times daily. This produces rewarding results in case of ringworm.

2. Application of mustard seeds paste on ringworm affected regions is a useful remedy.

3. Rub castor oil on scalp to check scalp ringworm infection.

4. Application of raw turmeric juice on affected parts eliminates the fungus. One should also consume 1 teaspoon raw turmeric juice along with 1 teaspoon honey for best results.

5. Blend spinach juice and carrot juice and wash the infected skin with this combination. This is an effective home remedy for ringworm.

6. Coconut oil application on affected regions destroys the ringworm fungi.

7. Grind dry papaya seeds in to powder and make a paste with water. Apply the paste on affected regions to alleviate the itching.

8. Grind the seeds of herb butea and mix with lime juice to make a paste. Apply the paste on affected regions to get rid of ringworm infection.

9. Application of a paste made out of cassia leaves relieves ringworm infection.

10. Apply mud pack on affected skin twice a day to get cured of ringworm.

11. Take sunbaths frequently to get rid of ringworm.

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