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Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Six Causes of Sports Medicine Injuries

Whether you participate in sports as your profession or as recreation, sports medicine isn't just about training, physical therapy or surgical and non-surgical procedures for sport. It encompasses all of the musculoskeletal preparations involved in treating any injuries, rehabilitating you back to performance conditioning and preventing future injuries too.

Whether you regularly play sports for recreation or you are a professional athlete there are many ways that sports medicine can end up playing a role in the treatment of any of your possible injuries, rehabilitation and especially prevention thereafter. From your head, neck, back, hips, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, fingers and toes there are several common injuries that your body can withstand over the years. You can have a great diet including recommended supplements for your bones, joints and muscle recovery. You can even do all the exercises that you've read about that are great for strength development and that lean athletic body that you admire, but these things don't guarantee that you won't sustain a physical stress related or traumatic induced damage at some point. Whether it is a minor injury or requires several surgeries in order to regain your form and function, sports medicine specialist have spent many years educating themselves on the causes and best treatments for all of the possible ways that the body can become damaged.

In many cases repetitive use otherwise known as overuse, inappropriate preparation for athletic activity or accidental trauma are at the base of many of the injuries that affect one's need for the intervention of sports medicine. First, sudden stops and twists after fast running as are common in tennis, basketball or football can place inordinate amounts of stress on one's ligaments, tendons and muscles that cause sprains and tears. Second, strikes and falls on hard courts or from high places can cause several brakes or fractures. Third, foregoing appropriate warm up exercises and stretches does not allow circulation to prepare the muscles for adequate performance thereafter and injury can occur as a result. Forth, many athletes make the mistake of holding on to old athletic equipment far beyond its beneficial use. This is most common with athletic shoes because they are so worn in and comfortable, but they no longer provide the foot and ankle support that you need to protect the joints and alignment. Fifth, another mistake that is often made is the safety of the equipment and safety devices that athletes depend on such as the exercise equipment and tools such as helmets. Sixth and sadly, many athletes can use poor technique from time to time, whether they were momentarily distracted, using inappropriate gear or equipment it happens. It can also go unnoticed and cause degenerative function and performance overtime. Sports medicine helps to detect, treatFree Web Content, rehabilitate and prevent all of these issues for any level of athlete one step at a time.

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