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Thursday, January 23, 2020
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Six Reasons to Stop Listening to Dentists and Avoid Brushing Your Teeth

Youíve heard the lectures from your dentist since you were making money off the Tooth Fairy. You may think you know all of the reasons you should faithfully brush and floss, but perhaps you donít know this: There are good reasons to avoid oral hygiene.

It might be best for most people to take care of their bicuspids and mastication tools, but oral hygiene isnít the best choice for everyone. There is a chance taking the time to brush and floss and periodically visit the office of your neighborhood dentist simply isnít the best choice for you.

To evaluate whether youíre one of the rare exceptions to the often-recommended oral health routines, consider whether you meet any of the 6 criteria below.

1. You would rather soak your teeth overnight than brush and floss them.

Most denture wearers simply place their false choppers in a solution to soak, which takes only seconds. While their teeth are soaking, they are free to tackle more important tasks. If you still have your nature-given set, you should spend at least 5 precious minutes of your day with cumbersome oral hygiene tasks.

2. You have money to burn and want to use it to buy dentures.

Maybe shopping just isnít your thing. If youíre not fond of travel, new furniture, or charitable giving, either, you may have extra money taking up precious extra lines in your bank account statements. Why not use it to buy dentures? You can unload thousands of dollars for a single implant with a crown, so no matter how much excess cash flow you uncover, it can probably find a new home easily with false teeth.

3. You want multiple appointments so you can use up your sick days.

Since you donít like travel anyway, perhaps you have extra personal time to use up. Why not spend it at the dentist? If you donít take care of your teeth, you may need many cavities filled or teeth pulled, and that may take several appointments. Most employers allow time off for medical appointments to count as ďsick days,Ē too, so if youíre otherwise healthy, skimping on oral hygiene will help you take advantage of those benefits so you donít lose them at yearís end.

4. Youíre a masochist, so in a way, you enjoy pain.

Dental pain can be quite severe, and itís often the result of cavities or gum disease. Both those conditions are largely preventable through brushing and flossing and can be diagnosed and treated early through routine visits to your dentist. So by avoiding those three simple steps, you can be assured that the pain you crave will soon be yours.

5. You donít want to have to blacken a tooth next Halloween.

Whether you plan to dress up as a witch or a hillbilly, your costume will be so much more believable if you donít have to blacken a tooth. Why not go au natural, and have a real missing tooth? Your friends will all be shocked, adding to the effectiveness of your haunting persona. Who knows?! You might even win a costume contest.

6. You think red, puffy gums look sexy, anyway.

Not everyone likes the look of healthy coloring. The same people who get turned on by ashen skin may also like the puffy, red gums you get with gingivitis. By flossing regularly, you would all-but-avoid the possibility, so why take the risk?

On the slim chance that you can identify with one of the 6 qualifications aboveBusiness Management Articles, itís recommended that you stop brushing and flossing your teeth immediately. Cancel any routine dental examinations. Just remember that the Tooth Fairy doesnít do returns.

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