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Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Sleep Help

Need practical sleep help and advice? Well we will be looking into several non-pharmaceutical methods and techniques in this article to improve sleep.

In this article I will be covering some practical sleep help and advice. We will look into several non-pharmaceutical methods and techniques to improve sleep as well as some alternative medicines.

Sufferers of insomnia usually complain about having difficulty falling asleep as well as feeling extremely sleepy or tired during the day. Insomnia can be categorized as being intermittent, chronic and transient. Many sufferers however experience more than one type of insomnia.

Experiencing disturbed and insufficient sleep affects a person’s ability to attain deep restorative sleep. As a result they may experience excessive tiredness during the day. Before we take a look at some natural sleep remedies it’s important to note that there are simple steps you can take to improve your sleep habits, this is also known as sleep hygiene. Here are some ideas to help you improve your sleep hygiene:

  • Wake and sleep at the same time everyday including weekends.
  • Relax an hour or so before you get into bed.
  • Try listening to calming music or drinking a relaxing drink like chamomile tea.
  • Leave your days stresses behind or talk about your problems.
  • Make sure that you get as much sunlight as possible in the day.
  • Make your bed comfortable and supportive.
  • Ensure your bedroom is quiet, dark and cool.
  • Try progressive relaxation by relaxing each part of your body once in bed.
  • As well as following these simple steps there are also effective remedies, therapies and practices to improve sleep. Practices such as acupuncture, hypnosis and reflexology are all highly effective and are excellent alternatives to sleeping pills.

    You may also want to try drinking a warm cup of milk 20 minutes before sleep. Warm milk can help you drift into sleep, as it contains amino acid that is converted into a sleep-enhancing compound. Also try other relaxing bedtime drinks such as chamomile tea.

    Your body needs calcium and magnesium to maintain bones and overall health. Magnesium can help relax stiff muscles and nerves and optimize your blood pressure. It also optimizes the absorption of calcium in your bones which can promote sleep as it has a tranquilizing effect. Foods such as seeds, nuts and leafy vegetables are high in calcium and magnesium.

    Try a natural remedy to aid sleep such as Valerian, lemon balm and hops. Standardized Valerian extract is widely available at health stores and pharmacies. It is a safe and non addictive sedative which works by calming the mind and body.

    Aromatherapy is an age old art and is the use of essential oils from aromatic plants to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Essential oils may be blended together to create your own personal blends. Through inhalation the essential oil can be absorbed into the bloodstream stimulating the production of relaxing hormones such as endorphin and serotonin.

    Massage can deeply relax, invigorate and clear energy channels. A massage of the neck, hands and feet before bedtime can aid relaxation. Massage improves fluid circulation through the body and can strengthen the immune system.

    If you are interested in more sleep helpFeature Articles, stay tuned for more articles on how to beat insomnia.

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    Philip Tsang is a teacher and author of the book How to Beat Insomnia During his years as an insomniac he carried out extensive research in alternative medicines and practices such as acupuncture, reflexology and hypnosis. Using this knowledge, he was able to successfully conquer his insomnia as well as help thousands of people overcome their insomnia. If you have trouble sleeping and want to know more on how you can cure your insomnia, please visit How to Beat Insomnia and sign up for my free newsletter.

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