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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Sleep's Ability to Shape Our Existence

Sleep. Without it, we would lose a lot of our daily, taken-for-granted mental capacities, or worse, we may even go insane without it. For maintenance of our mental and physical health, there is no replacement for a good, relaxed, sound night of uninterrupted sleep.

Rest and relaxation takes on a whole new meaning when we really begin to udnerstand that sleep is as vital to our well being as the air we breathe and the water we drink. Did you ever stop to think that sleep is something far beyond a time where we dream and recuperate? That we actually need it biologically for several reasons, some unknown, and that we would actually perish and lose all functions without it for an extended period of time?

Not only does our mind not function as well when we are working with little quality sleep, but many believe that lack of sleep and lack of quality of sleep may also diminish our immunities to sickness and disease. How many times have you gotten sick with a cold or flu when you also happen to not be getting enough shut-eye?

Immune function is a vital part of our well being. Our lymph system and other antibodies depend on sleep it seems, and are subsequently worn down when our bodies and minds are deprived of R & R.

Many factors play a part in interrupting this basic health need that must be met if we are to operate at our best possible capacity. Recuperation is another reason that we sleep. How many times have you felt rejuvenated and recharged by a good nights sleep when you've been going through a particularly stressful period, either physically or mentally.

We live in a fast paced, high stress society which can often make it difficult to slow down mentally and physically prior to bedtime. There are certain suggestions, that are helpful, if you are having a hard time getting to sleep at night and staying asleep for a full eight hours, or at least close, to that amount of time.

If you suffer from insomnia, try to ascertain the reason or reasons you are having problems with sleeping or staying asleep at night. Are you anxious, depressed, fearful or overly stressed? Or possibly, is there any physical discomfort or pain causing your inability to get comfortable enough to fall asleep? Do you snore and wake sometimes to catch your breath?

If your mind is overactive and you can not slow it down at bedtime, try some common sense approaches prior to sleep time that may help. Caffeinated beverages, pills or foods will certainly not only put sleep off, but also may interfere with normal sleep patterns throughout the night long after the consumption of it. Alcohol seems to have a sedative effect, but actually interferes with the sleep cycle.

Another good natural tip for gearing down an overactive mind is to avoid activities that stress or over stimulate the mind prior to bedtime. Try a warm glass of milk or a warm relaxing bath in the evening to slow down and to calm you.

Herbally and naturopathically, there are certain products noted to enhance relaxation to promote sleep. Some herbs known to be helpful for insomnia include chamomile, valerian and lavender. Another natural approach to the insomnia problem is the use of aromatherapy to induce quality sleep.

Certain oils used in aromatherapy for this purpose include lavender oil and jasmine oil. Music may be a medicine much needed. Many times people report they can fall asleep more easily by using different types of music, say meditation music or classical music. Meditation and other relaxation techniques done in the evening can enhance your ability to get a good night's sleep.

Melatonin is a natural body chemical that is secreted when we sleep and are preparing to sleep. This hormone is activated when the lights go out, and is said to be pivotal to falling asleep and maintaining that critical sleep REM patter that many say without which we may lose our minds, literally.

If insomnia is problematic for youFree Reprint Articles, consult with your physician to determine the cause. You can try to introduce a combination of natural and non-drug approaches to induce and maintain good sleep before trying anything that may be habit forming.

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