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Friday, April 20, 2018
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Slow Down Aging Process And Improve Male Stamina Naturally

Shilajit capsules are the best herbal supplements to slow down aging process and improve male stamina in a natural and safe manner.

Male stamina reduces with age due to adrenal insufficiency and poor metabolism. Metabolism involves bio chemicals needed to produce energy through the breakdown of carbohydrates. Human body muscles are highly dependent on metabolism and people with more muscles require more calories to maintain its strength. With age the capability of lungs to function drops and the brain takes more time to process information which reduces stimulation and signaling. Study claims the products which are believed to be effective in improving metabolism are mostly a sham. The tiny energy factories in the body - the mitochondria also slows down in function due to aging and this can reduce physical strength and cause fatigue even when the person is taking a good amount of healthy foods and health supplements. Shilajit can increase longevity as it contains extracts which are in bio available form and this provides the needed supplements to improve male stamina and slow down aging process.

People who are exposed to chronic stress early in life may suffer from anxiety and mood disorders in the later years and may also suffer from learning difficulties. Antioxidants in herbs and certain bio available extracts can provide ways to reduce these difficulties and improve the power of body cells to reduce the impact of aging. Ayurvedic text mentions shilajit as the gelatinous substance collected from the sides of mountains and the substance produced when the sun rays heat the mountains in the summer months. Study on shilajit show the extracts collected from Himalayan range is more potent as compared to the compounds collected from other parts of the world. One of the main advantages of using the extract is it improves metabolism to slow down aging process. Latest studies on the extract find it effective in reducing symptoms of anemia and blood sugar. It is effective in curing skin diseases and weakness of muscles to improve male stamina.

Shilajit capsules provide bio compounds to fight debility and infertility. It can improve thyroid functions and restore endocrine flow. This is also effective against respiratory disorders, asthma and neurological conditions. Some of the modern day health problems for which people are advised to take shilajit are - obesity, spondylosis, osteoarthritis, fracture, obesity and muscular hyper trophy (body building). The bio compounds in the extract work as tonic, rejuvenative, blood sugar reducer and laxative.

In the western world, this bio extract has been known as asphalt or bitumen or mineral resin but mostly it is plant fossil found in the higher altitude of Himalaya - exposed to severe temperature and climatic conditions. Shilajit capsules contain water soluble humus mixed with microbial metabolites occurring in the natural habitat. The chemical investigations of extract finds - it contains bioactive oxygenated dibeno-alpha-pyrones, small tannoids, tirucallane triterpenes and phenolic lipids. The various bio available compounds in shilajit have anti stress properties and this was confirmed by the presence of bio components - fulvic acids, humic acids, coumarins, and triterpenes. The regular intake of the extract as tested on rats - improved absorption of nutrients in to the body through the digestive system to slow down aging processComputer Technology Articles, which caused weight gain in rats.

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