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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Sperm Count Increase from Herbal Treatment

When a man suffers form low sperm count, there are numbers of factors contributing this situation. However, a sufferer is always in search of how to increase sperm count. This is because sexual proble...

When a man suffers form low sperm count, there are numbers of factors contributing this situation. However, a sufferer is always in search of how to increase sperm count. This is because sexual problem like oligospermia not only shows incapability to make a woman pregnant but it is a great concern about his manhood.
In order to learn how to increase sperm count, one must know certain elements that naturally promote the sperm production:-
Selenium is a powerful agent having antioxidant properties that helps protecting the body from very reactive chemical shreds known as free radicals. In this way, selenium can keep chromosome breakage that is known to produce birth defects and abortions. Adequate level of selenium is very essential to maximize sperm production. Blood selenium levels are generally decreased in men suffering from low sperm counts.
Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)
The essential fats have sound effects on almost all the body systems, specifically the reproductive system and they all are very important to have normal hormone functioning. For men essential fatty acid's supplements are very important since the semen is composed of prostaglandins those are produced by these fats. Men having low sperm quality, abnormal sperms, dull motility or reduced count, have not sufficient levels of the prostaglandins.
Vitamin C and E
Vitamin C is potent antioxidant, and trials show that vitamin C can enhance the sperm quality, shielding sperm and DNA from damages. There are a few researches reveal that some types of DNA damage in the sperms may turn it difficult to fertilize the egg in the first place, or it may cause increased risks of abortion if conception is successfully achieved. If DNA is damaged, there might be some chromosomal problems in the newborn, and pregnancy may undergo in adverse conditions. Vitamin C also said to prevent the sperms from clumping together and hence in this way, it makes them more motile, more active.
Vitamin E is discovered to be a very powerful antioxidant and has been reported to boost fertility to both the sexes; men and women. Men undergoing IVF treatment with their partners are generally prescribed with vitamin E, and as a result, fertilization rates have bettered from 20-40 per cent. It has been advised that the antioxidant activities of vitamin E may turn the sperms more fertile.
This is an amino acid present in plenty of foods and in sperm anatomy; the head of the sperm contains this nutrient that is equally important for producing the sperms. Supplements of L-arginine can help to boost both; the number of sperms per ml of semen and their quality.
Arginine is found to stimulate virus and hence, people who suffer from herpes (such as cold sores or genital herpes) should avoid this supplement.
This is another amino acid which is very important for normal functioning of spermatozoa. Many researches back that the higher the levels of L-Carnitine in the spermatozoa make a man to have more sperms with increased motility.
Herbs such as Shatavari, Shilajit, Indian gooseberry, mucuna, ginsengArticle Submission, spirulina are few of natural aphrodisiac herbs that help in increasing sperm count.

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