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Saturday, March 28, 2020
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Sure Shot Ways to Control Premature Ejaculation Safely and Effectively

If you are one of the men suffering from PE problem, you must know how to control premature ejaculation. Read this article to know sure shot way to control ejaculation.

If you are one of the men suffering from this common problem of early ejaculation, you also must be seeking an answer to the question how can I control premature ejaculation? This condition can be controlled and treated according to the reason associated with it. It is the condition in which the man ejaculates too quickly, before the partner is satisfied and it is also known as rapid ejaculation. Dissatisfaction creates strain in the relationship between the partners and creates frustration. To overcome this distress situation and to control premature ejaculation, follow any of the treatments available for the condition. 

Physical and psychological factors are involved in causing this condition.  According to the causes, one can take up a treatment method if you want to control premature ejaculation. The factors causing this condition may be stress, anxiety, fear, guilt or relationship issues. Other factors can be hormonal imbalance, abnormal ejaculatory reflexes or erectile dysfunction. Some of the methods and techniques to control premature ejaculation are as stated below:

1. Anti depressants: These pills are taken a few hours before sleep. The known side effect of these anti depressants is delayed ejaculation which may be just what a man suffering from PE wants. But these drugs can have other side effects too which is why this is not advised for a long-term to control premature ejaculation.

2. Creams: Creams with local anesthetic properties are meant to be topically applied before indulging with your partner. This dulls the senses on the male organ and thus dampens the sensitivity and stimulation. Creams can be used if you are wondering how can I control PE but be aware that these creams can have some side effects too. 

3. Herbal Pills: Many herbal pills are available for the treatment of this condition. These pills are made of extracts from the herbs which are used for treating this condition. The proper mix of these herbs in the right dosage can help you control premature ejaculation. These herbs are helpful in controlling premature ejaculation and also increasing the vitality, strength, energy and stamina levels of the body. 

4. Start Stop Technique: In this technique, when the man is stimulated enough and feels the urge to ejaculate, he should stop. After stopping, repeat the stimulation process and stop again. Do this a couple of times to learn to control premature ejaculation

5. Squeeze Technique: Looking for an answer to the question how can I control premature ejaculation? Squeeze technique might just work for you in this case. In this method, your partner squeezes the tip of your male organ till your urge to ejaculate passes away. Repeat this process few times in order to get control.

6. Counseling: If your condition is caused by stress and anxiety or pressure of performanceFree Web Content, visit a counselor. Discussing and addressing your apprehensions with a counselor may help you overcome the problem.

Your query for PE problem will be answered with the above stated methods. Choose the treatment best for you to control and get rid of the problem of PE.

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