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Monday, February 17, 2020
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Ten L-Arginine Benefits

Arginine is an amino acid that is now available as a dietary supplement. Its benefits mainly circle around enhancing blood circulation. This amino acid supplement is desig...

Arginine is an amino acid that is now available as a dietary supplement. Its benefits mainly circle around enhancing blood circulation. This amino acid supplement is designed to improve your health, but some health professionals believe that you don’t need it. It comes in various names in the market, all being promoted to be the best L-Arginine brand that exists. But, before you start trusting all the marketing hype out there, familiarize yourself with this amino acid compound first.

The health benefits of L-Arginine are not a joke. They are supported by research, particularly by Dr. Louis J. Ignarro, a Nobel Prize winner. He devoted years of research to find out how people can prevent cardiovascular disease without taking any prescription medication. The discovery of the importance of the amino acid in decreasing chances and perhaps even curing heart disease has created a buzz. Since then, many companies have exploited the health benefits of this particular compound. But, what exactly are the L-Arginine benefits?

  1. L-Arginine is a known antioxidant and it is stronger than any other antioxidant in the body. It can get rid of toxins in the body and it can also prevent anti-aging even to those who are still young. The antioxidant properties of the compound also make it an ideal anti-cancer supplement. The elimination of toxins in the body reduces the chances of the proliferation of cancer cells.

  2. L-Arginine is converted to nitric oxide in the body. This compound is a potent neurotransmitter. A good supply of L-Arginine, therefore, helps improve the function of the nervous system. More than that, nitric oxide keeps the arteries of the heart relaxed. It keeps the blood pressure within the normal range. This is good for people who suffer from hypertension.

  3. Being converted to a powerful neurotransmitter, it is also good for your brain. It enhances your memory capacity and prevents degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Nitric oxide improves the transmission of signals between neurons.

  4. It also stimulates the pituitary gland to produce the growth hormone. This does not mean growing taller for adults. Instead, it delays aging.

  5. People with diabetes can feel the advantage of taking L-Arginine, because it helps regulate the amount of insulin in the body.

  6. The cardiovascular benefits of this amino acid are not limited to simply enhancing the function of blood vessels. It also lowers the levels of bad cholesterol or LDL, which is responsible for the formation of plaque in arteries and higher rates of heart attack and stroke.

  7. All together, the cardiovascular and neural benefits brought about by L-Arginine helps abate sexual dysfunction. In men, particularly, this helps correct erectile dysfunction, a problem that affects middle-aged and older men.

  8. By stimulating the production of HGH (growth hormone), it encourages skeletal muscle growth. This leads to the loss of fat as well as the enhancement of musculature and body shape of a person. Hence, many athletes and bodybuilders actually take these particular supplements—not only to strengthen and boost muscle tissue, but also to improve their physical endurance.

  9. Because it is able to enhance the function of the immune systemFeature Articles, it helps hasten wound healing. Some people who have taken L-Arginine have testified that their recovery after surgery was incredibly fast.

  10. There are a lot more benefits. Proponents of arginine points out how this amino acid supplement helps improve the bone mass of people with osteoporosis. There are also claims that L-Arginine also aids in improving gastrointestinal health.

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