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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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The 5 Proven Absolute Methods To Get Perfect Sleep

Why is it that you can sleep the recommended 8 hours and still wake up tired? Did the scientists get it wrong or is it something that you are doing? The likelyhood is that you are doing or not doing at least one, and very likely all five, of these proven methods that will get you the perfect sleep.

Are you mystified by the fact that you got your eight hours of sleep and still woke up tired? Doctors say that eight hours is the perfect amount of sleep for a body to fully rest, are they wrong? Perhaps it is best to first examine our environment and make sure that it is suited for achieving perfect sleep.

Your environment must be absolutely dark. Our eyes can sense the smallest amount of light and our body registers light as a wakeup sign. If you have light in your room, such as a nightlight or the light that stays on in the hall the whole night, your body will pick up on that and will prevent you from achieving perfect sleep. If you have windows it would be best if you figured out a way for light to not enter your room. If you have a bathroom connected to your bedroom close that door so the light from the window in your bathroom doesnít get to your room. If you must have a night light to fall asleep at least find one that has a timer that will turn it off automatically. This is a very common issue and Iím almost certain you can find a few things you can do to get ever closer to achieving perfect sleep.

Your bedroom must be absolutely quiet. You must find a way to keep your bedroom free of all noise. This is a very important part of achieving perfect sleep as our ears are usually the most receptive to wake up noises. Think about your name being said while you are sleeping or the sounds of a crying baby; as good as weíve become about blocking certain noises, our body still hears them and that keeps our perfect sleep away. Obviously turn off all of the stuff in the house. Turn off the TVs, computers, and your PS3 or Xbox. If your weather outside is not too hot or too cold than a very common and relatively loud noise that most people donít think about is the AC/Heater. And as I mentioned about the light, if you are one of those that needs music to fall asleep, make sure that it doesnít play all night long, just long enough for you to fall asleep.† Turning these off will most certainly have a visible positive affect on how you feel when you wake up after sleeping in such a quite environment.

Your body must be absolutely natural. No Iím not talking about plastic surgery here. Iím talking about the chemicals that are coursing through your blood while youíre sleeping. Is there alcohol in there? Sure alcohol makes you sleepy but it is far from relaxing for your body. While youíre sleeping your body is hard at work detoxifying itself for much of the night. Cigarettes, prescriptions, and illegal drugs all cause the same situation as alcohol does. No, smoking marijuana does not give you a better nightís sleep. To make it really impossible, your coffee drinking habits must stop. I know many of you will at this point think, ďI canít do that.Ē So if you must drink coffee, limit your last cup of coffee to about 10am. That gives you about 12 hours before going to sleep and that should give your body enough time to clear out most of the caffeine out of your system. You will notice that if you havenít done any of the above for over thirty days, you wake up feeling so much more rested.

You must be absolutely comfortable. Being comfortable includes the temperature in your room, the bed you sleep on, the pillow(s) you rest your head on, and even your blanket and sheets. Avoid setting the temperature in your room too high because your body will end up working all night by making you sweat. The same applies to setting it too cold because your body will end up working all night trying to stay warm. In general cooler temperature is better because your comforter should keep you warm. Your pillow and mattress should be as comfortable as your budget will allow. For starters the Tempurpedic pills will run you less than two hundred dollars and is an excellent investment into your comfort and health. The Tempurpedic mattress is perhaps out of reach for many budgets however it is another excellent investment. When you body works as little as possible and is as comfortable as can be you will find that at this point that the eight hours of sleep thing is perhaps not so farfetched of an idea for achieving perfect sleep, but there is one more thing missing.

Your body must be absolutely scheduled for sleep. When your body goes to sleep and wakes up at the same time every day, it develops a sort of an internal rhythm. It knows when to start relaxing and when to start gearing up. Many of us, myself included, change that rhythm up all the time. One night weíll stay up late working or playing whatever. The next night weíll pass out way too early from exhaustion. We keep messing with that internal rhythm of when we wake up and when we go to sleep and out body has no way of setting our internal clock. Keep to a 10 pm to 6 am sleep schedule or whatever it needs to be to fit your work schedule. For those of you with constantly changing work schedules you may quickly realize that you may never achieve perfect sleep, and regardless whether you sleep 8 hours or 10 hours, you still feel drowsy.

You now have the five absolute techniques for achieving perfect sleep. Follow these guidelines and you will wake up every morning feeling refreshed and ready for a full day of life. When you have this much energy and you feel this rejuvenatedBusiness Management Articles, none of lifeís problems can stop you.

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Serj Sagan is the CEO and owner of HGH Side Effects. The truth about human growth hormones. Includes a complete review of both the benefits, as well as the side-effect. Also a consumer review of the different ways of having it administered. Copyright 2010 Serj Sagan of This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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