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Saturday, November 28, 2020
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The Ancient Egyptians Wish They Had Your Dentist

The ancient Egyptians did not have dental care and they suffered a great deal of pain. Today, there is no reason to suffer with preventative care methods and access to a skilled dentist to help.

The ancient Egyptians were able to successfully perform many medical procedures that surprise us today, including brain surgery, circumcision and of course mummification of their dead. Despite their advancements in medical procedures, they lacked one vital physician that could have extended their survival - a good dentist.

There are probably no ancient mummies that have been found that have a set of good teeth intact. Their diet was full of the sand that surrounded them because it got into their food and wore their teeth down. Those that did manage somehow to escape having their teeth worn down by their abrasive diets succumbed to infected teeth for which there was no treatment. Can you imagine living in a society that was advanced enough to operate on your brain and possibly remove a brain tumor to extend your life - but couldn't cure the common tooth ache? Many ancient Egyptians would have suffered a great deal due to dental pain and prayed for the tooth to fall out on its own since there is no evidence that the Egyptian physicians ever removed a decayed tooth.

Today, very few people have to live with infected or worn down teeth. Thanks to modern medical practices and the skillset of the highly trained dentist, a simple tooth ache can be fixed and the tooth can usually be saved.

Preventative care is a large part of today's dental practice to avoid tooth decay and abscessed teeth in the first place. Good oral health habits that include brushing and flossing can go a long way towards keeping tooth decay away. Unfortunately, there are no indicators that the ancient Egyptians had access to these basic tools which could have given their teeth a chance at survival. So the next time you don't feel like brushing or flossing your teeth look, at the ancient Egyptians who would have paid dearly for the common disposable toothbrush to have a chance at saving their teeth.

If you do manage to develop dental problems, you don't have to rely on prayer for the pain to stop as the ancient Egyptians likely had to do. Decay can usually be removed and the tooth salvaged if the problem is caught in time. Additionally, if a patient has missing teeth, they have options that the ancient Egyptians didn't, including having the dentist fit patients with denturesHealth Fitness Articles, bridgework or even surgically implant an artificial tooth.

And while the ancient Egyptians were able to utilize prosthetics such as false eyes or toes - they were generally for cosmetic purposes only and served no real functionality. They would have been impressed with our current dental practices and the ability to surgically install a new set of teeth. It's too bad that their physicians could mummify a corpse but couldn't save a tooth. It makes you glad for modern dentistry doesn't it?

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