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Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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The difference between Therapeutic Facial Cleansers and Ordinary Facial Cleansers.

Therapeutic facial cleansers versus regular facial cleansers, which cleanser will win. The author talks about the differences between the two cleansers and gives her opinion on who she thinks wins the fight for the best facial cleansers. Read on to see who wins.

                Therapeutic, the name says it all. These types of facial cleansers do what their name says, they give therapy to the skin. Why does the skin need therapy? Because of what we put it through in our days journeys. We face pollutions from cars and trucks, people and buildings, dirt and grime, all of these icky elements need to be cleaned off of our face. Using an ordinary facial cleanser will be okay, but using a therapeutic cleanser would be better. Below are two of the most important reasons why cleansers with therapeutic qualities should be used over all other facial cleansers.

                                Therapeutic facial cleansers seem to be safer to use than other cleansers.  This is due to the fact that most therapeutic cleansers contain organic and all natural elements that are known for working with our body’s natural rhythm instead of going against it. When cleansers contain chemicals in their ingredients, these chemicals most of the time seem to react adversely with the skin causing break outs and red irritated skin. Plus the tingles and foaming agents in ordinary facial cleansers have been known to cause far more damage than just irritated skin. For example, a very popular ingredient in most cleansers that causes the foaming action is SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). This chemical compound has been linked to a number of different skin conditions (like cancer, or chronic dry skin) in people who have continuously used it. Where as a therapeutic facial cleanser would not contain this ingredient, but would offer organic ingredients like Shea Butter or Chamomile oil to do the same thing as any chemical compound would, just no adverse effects.

                Therapeutic facial cleansers have anti aging qualities as well as ridding the face of dirt and grime. Even if you are still younger and reaching the age of when you could start worrying about anti aging creams and cleansers is not in your present plan, it is never too early to at least start. You can use these special organic therapeutic cleansers, which could feature such ingredients like Chamomile Oil (contains anti oxidant qualities as well as protective qualities), Shea Butter (firming qualities is what it brings to the table), and Tangerine Oil (allowing the skin to soak up nutrients quicker and better),  to keep your skin healthier as you age. So you are cleansing your skin as well as preventing anti aging at a young age, sounds good to me.

                Another reason is the soothing and calming qualities that are offered by organic ingredients, or how about the smell and feel of these ingredients, and the list goes on and on. Why not give it a try; you never know what you’ll get. You could be floored (in a good way) by what you find or you could decided that you disagree with me. The decision is ultimately up to you. In my opinion, therapeutic cleansers are the safest, most effective way to clean your face. Go and buy one, just see what I am talking about.

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Ava Rae Green is an enthusiastic student of dermatology from New York State.  She has used and talked about facial cleansers that worked well and others that do not, and she has decided to spread the word about her experience. Hoping to make a difference for someone who has no idea what they could be potentially doing to their skin.

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