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Monday, February 18, 2019
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The Importance Of Addiction Counselling In Long-Term Recovery

There are many different types of addictions including addictions to specific substances, such as drugs or alcohol, as well as addictions to types of behaviours such as gambling, sex, food or even being online.

Unfortunately, addiction is much more complicated than simply being able to tell yourself “no". While it is possible to end the use of a substance or a behavior through simply stopping, which is often known as going cold turkey, it is also only a temporary cessation of the addiction for the vast majority of people.

The Reality of Addiction

In the central London office, the professionals at Philippe Jacquet & Associates have extensive experience in treating clients of all ages with addiction recovery services. The therapists and counsellors understand the importance of not just temporary stopping the behaviour, but in creating a new way of coping and managing to avoid relapses in both the short and long term.

Addiction recovery is not about a lack of willpower. It is not about simply putting your mind to making a change for the better. It is about learning the root issues that are driving the addiction and addressing these issues. It is also about learning new, effective and positive ways to cope.

The Counselling Difference

A great many people with addictions have a history of abuse, trauma, depression or anxiety, some which may have roots in very early childhood. Without treating these underlying issues during addiction recovery, it is much more likely for the addiction to reoccur or simply transfer to another behaviour.

For example, if an individual has social anxiety and uses alcohol to self-medicate, avoiding social situations may allow for a temporary solution to the addiction issue. However, when there is no way to get out of a social event and the person begins to feel the anxiety mounting, he or she may turn to alcohol again, or perhaps abuse a prescription or illegal drug instead of alcohol. Transferring from one addictive substance to another is common if the root cause of the social anxiety is not effectively addressed.

With counselling at Philippe Jacquet & Associates, each client will work one-on-one with a therapist or counsellor with extensive experience in the treatment of addictions. Each individual has a holistic treatment plan that is designed specifically for the client.

This type of treatment allows the client and the counsellor to work to find out the triggers for the addiction. From thisScience Articles, it is possible to develop effective coping mechanisms that are effective in long-term positive choices and addiction-free living.

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