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Thursday, July 2, 2020
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The role of vitamin A and its derivatives

Each person's body are required nutritional supplements, if the body’s nutrition is inadequate, our bodies might appear anomalies, especially some serious nutritional deficiencies. 

The nutrition we usually added is either zinc or calcium or vitamin supplements and the like, but few people supply vitamin A, now let us to understand the role of vitamin A and its derivatives!

The cosmetic use of a vitamin A derivative is vitamin A palmitate and its precursor beta-carotene, different extraction process and technical level obtained the product is the great differences in the quality, the biological activity is also have great different. Vitamin A can be seen as a normalization conditioning agent, it is not only necessary for the normal skin growth, but also to the bones, glands, teeth, nails and hair growth and maintenance required.

Vitamin A through the skin absorbing to make skin epidermis cell activated. Change the swap mastic synthesis, helps to maintain the skin soft and plump, improve the barrier function of the skin, mainly used in cosmetic raw material. ˛-carotene is a precursor of vitamin A, and clinical trials have confirmed that it can protect and reduce UV radiation-induced peroxidation and rough skin, play a role in improving the skin.

Retinoids are a class of natural or synthetic retinol derivatives with vitamin A activity. Vitamin A is necessary for normal epithelial proliferation and differentiation, in 1940s started for the treatment of certain abnormal keratinization skin disease, but because of its adverse reaction, the treatment dose is extremely easy to cause acute poisoning. Studies find that, retinoids have remarkable effect in acne, beauty. From remove acne, smooth fine lines, dilute the stain to shrink pores, it almost almighty, but according to tretinoin manufacturer, because of this class of drugs has the irritating, so these drugs need to be under the guidance of doctor, in order to achieve the best results.

Panthenol also called primary vitamin B5, is a kind of vitamin precursor better application in cosmetics industry, the original vitamin B5 sold on the market is generally d-isomer, under the racemic physiological function, original vitamin B5 can be quantitatively converted to pantothenic acid. In vivo, coenzyme A is composed by pantothenic acid as precursor synthesis, have harmful effects on many chemical processes in organisms.

Skin need higher concentrations of coenzyme A, local access is help to the body heal and recover, in some drugs which used for treating skin disease, vitamin B5 has become a main component, it helps to relieve itching, promote the upper formation, cure skin damage, eczema, sunlight sunburn, insect bites, baby diaper rash all have certain curative effect, and there are some detoxification, and can alleviate other additive stimulatory effects, mainly used for skin and hair care products amendment.

Vitamin A is one kind of vitamin group, is similar with other types of vitamins, vitamin A's role is also very strong, so we cannot lack of too much vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to improve human immunity, prevention of cancer, protect the eyesight of people. A man needs to consume vitamin A 1000 micrograms per day, but it’s worth noting that excessive edible is harmful to the body. Food containing more vitamin A has liver, milk products, fish, tomatoes, carrots, apricotFree Articles, cantaloupe.


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