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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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The Top 5 Male Enhancement Food

Can your menu choices in the beginning of your evening determine the wow factor at the end of your evening with your partner? You would be kidding yourself if you thought different.

Youíve probably heard about male enhancement pills all over TV and have received countless male enhancement emails all telling you to buy male enhancement pills. We have nothing against quality, time-tested and proven male enhancement pills but did you know that nature offers us food that can really help you out during your love making. We list the top five male enhancement foods here.

Yes, rumors can sometimes be true. We find raw oysters to be the number one most effective male enhancement food. Oysters contain dopamine which is a hormone that increases your libido. Perhaps more important is the high zinc content of oysters. Zinc is used by our body to create another hormone called testosterone, which is vital for all male sexual functions. Zinc is also a crucial component of sperm production. Do they have to be raw? The answer is yes, well almost always yes. The process of cooking the oysters releases many of its beneficial properties. However, oyster soup is one way to enjoy oysters without losing too many of its beneficial properties however even soup will lose some of the beneficial nutrients. Another alternative is to use oysters in sushi. Now you can enjoy the full benefits of oysters without having to force yourself into swallowing gooey raw fish stuff.

Bananas take the well deserved number two spot as the most effective male enhancement food because it has the bromelain enzyme. Studies are continued to be conducted on this enzyme and they are more and more conclusive that bromelain actually reverses and prevents impotence and increases libido. Combine that with its high levels of potassium which increase energy/stamina and you have to wonder why it didnít get the number one spot. Potassium also clears your body of excess sodium and allows your heart to work easier so you can work harder in the bedroom. You canít have too many bananas. The more you have, the more effective your bedroom experience will be. The third spot goes to garlic and its content of allicin which promotes blood flow to the sexual organs. This will allow you to have harder, longer lasting erections. The only concern with garlic is the breath so although slightly less effective the capsule form of garlic is typically recommended. The other option is if you know who you will be making love to, both of you can take garlic at the same time thereby effectively removing this side effect while getting the most from this highly healthy food.

Whole Grains get the fourth spot for the most effective male enhancement food. Whole grain foods and beans are high in thiamine which is a nervous system stimulant. Since orgasmic and sensual feelings all actually occur in the brain, your sex life can hit never before experienced levels simply because your brain is able to better interpret all of the signals that are coming at it from your penis, nipples, lips and tongue, and all other touch, smell, hear and see senses that it is being bombarded with. The result is an overall more sensual sexual experience and an orgasm that is out of this word. Whole grains have actually helped some men deal with erectile dysfunction. So cut the white bread, cakes, spaghetti, and other simple fibers from your diet and go for the whole foods (they even have whole grain pasta).

The fifth most beneficial male enhancement food is a surprising one. Celery steals the number five spot of the best male enhancement food. Although it isnít a true male enhancement per say, it will definitely enhance your love making. It works by the process of pheromones, via the hormone androsterone. Pheromones are simply hormones that are released into the air by evaporating sweat being breathed in by the potential partner (actually sounds kind of gross, I know) in this process the sexual attraction occurs typically without either partner understanding why. It is fairly similar to a female dog in heat. The male dog is irresistibly drawn to the female dog by almost an unnatural force. In humans the roles are somewhat reversed and are much more subtle but still very significantly there and celery increases the amount of androsterone that is evaporated and thereby smelled by the opposite sex, enhancing your love making to a new level.

So next time you are at a restaurant with your potential sex partner for the evening and you see one of these foods listed on the menu make sure you order it, or even better, take her to a restaurant that you already know has at least oneArticle Submission, or maybe even more than one of these foods and you will make certain that that night will be full of amazing memories for both of you.

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Serj Sagan writes for a Male Enhancement Pills company. Dedicated to find the real truth about male enhancement products and companies and expose it to the consumer. Copyright 2010 This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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