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Friday, April 16, 2021
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Undergo Post Cycle Therapy

Newton had said that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction and as far as the supplements are concerned, this theory is true. When we undertake a number of hormones in our body to get the desired effect on our muscles, but at the same time we are also hurting some part of our body. The efficiency of hormones is not 100% and this means that some of these hormones go wasted and get dumped inside our body. Some of these hormones chemically react with our body chemicals creating complications for us.

Hence to slow down these effects we need post cycle therapy so that we can remain fit and safe. It is not that taking the post cycle therapy is compulsory but if we do take it then it would be beneficial to us. We need to understand the working of the anabolic hormones in a better way to know its effects in full measure. When these chemical compounds are taken inside our body then a number of reactions take place.

These reactions are a response to the incoming of these hormones. These hormones forces our body to build extra mass on the muscles which was not possible in earlier times. It supplies estrogen to our body which is the basic ingredient of these things. These new chemicals shift the balance of the chemicals inside our body thereby increasing some of the chemical and reducing some chemicals so that they remain in the fixed proportions. Hence this new chemical equilibrium is established in our body and at the same time the amount of the chemicals shift to a new value in our bodyFeature Articles, this leads to more estrogen but less testosterone in our body.

These reactions and chemical phenomenon are controlled by the Le Chatelierís Principle which is widely accepted in todayís time and it is also giving a major boost up to our body. A number of people worry about the best post cycle supplement but they are hard to find. There are a number of these supplements available in the market but it can not be said as which the best one is. Doctors advise us to take the acai berry supplements so that our body remains fit and in shape. There are a number of other supplements which can also be used for this purpose but most of these medicines are drugs and you can buy them only after a doctorís prescription.

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